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Living with Scoliosis

Scoliosis Tattoos: The Most Beautiful and Unusual Examples

tHe BiZaRrE wOrLd oF sCoLiOsIs  Scoliosis Tattoos People have different ways of coping or embracing their scoliosis. While some may focus on camouflaging their spinal curvatures, others choose to put theirs on display. There appears to be a trend of individuals with scoliosis getting tattooed to celebrate their unique physique or commemorate a challenging experience they suffered as a result … Read more

Running With Scoliosis: How To Reduce Your Risk Of Injury

Jogging and running are fine for most people with scoliosis. The National Institute of Arthritis states: “Although exercise programs have not been shown to affect the natural history of scoliosis, exercise is encouraged in patients with scoliosis to minimize any potential decrease in functional ability over time. It is very important for all people, including … Read more

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