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The Strauss Method

For over thirty-nine years, Dr. Strauss has relieved the pain and improved the quality of life for thousands of scoliosis patients who sought relief without surgery. The Strauss Method is a unique combination of the most advanced research-based scoliosis treatments, customized by Dr. Strauss for each patient.
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Targeted scoliosis exercises

Can you correct scoliosis with exercise? When designed and monitored by an expert, targeted exercise programs can effectively treat mild and moderate curves, enabling patients to reverse their curves without surgery, and often without bracing. Dr. Strauss’s customized scoliosis exercise programs utilize elements from multiple techniques to deliver the best results.

Next generation bracing

A scoliosis brace is a type of spinal support used to support, align, correct, or prevent abnormal spinal curvature. Poorly designed braces immobilize the spine and weaken supporting muscles. At Strauss Scoliosis Correction, we use advanced 3D imaging software along with X-rays and a postural evaluation to customize a brace that fits patients’ unique measurements and helps stabilize their curves.
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Which treatment plan is right for you?

Tell us your goals and we’ll customize a program that will keep you ahead of the curve. Get started for free today. It only takes 60 seconds.

Have you been told you need surgery?

Many patients with severe scoliosis have been told that scoliosis surgery is the only way to eliminate pain and stabilize their curves. However, in most cases, surgery is not a necessity. Non-invasive scoliosis treatments can be just as effective and bring less risk.

The benefits of treating mild curves

Many patients with mild scoliosis are told to do nothing because their curves are “too small to treat.” Yet research shows that mild curves respond well to exercise-based correction, often without the need for scoliosis bracing.

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