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alternative scoliosis treatment france
I searched Google and found out about Dr. Strauss's method of treatment. We decided to see Dr. Strauss because, in France, we don't have intensive treatment and this equipment.

We tried Kinesitherapy in France, osteopaths, swimming. They wanted to go faster and they hurt Nicolas. Dr. Strauss takes care so the patient has no pain and the equipment is very appropriate with exercises and special equipment to correct scoliosis.

Nicolas has a serious scoliosis and it is a long road ahead. We know Nicolas has a strong scoliosis and it's hard work but we don't give up and we see improvements.

Thank you Doctor Strauss!

- Mrs F., mother of Nicolas F., age 16, and Gabriel F., age 14, France

We had a good impression from the reviews we read. We chose Hudson Valley Scoliosis because it offers new alternatives to treat scoliosis. We liked everything about your center.

We were very satisfied. Usually Sami does not like hospitals or doctors, but this time it was different. He wants to spend more time at your center. The staff is very friendly. Dr Strauss is a wonderful and professional doctor.

Consider Hudson valley Scoliosis before making any decision about surgery or bracing. This center will teach you a lot about scoliosis. Other doctors just tell you to wait and watch which is a big lie.
scoliosis treatment for teens

- Mr D., father of Sami D., age 14, Ohio

We hoped to improve our daughter, and we felt this was our only hope. The center was very nice and friendly and Dr. Strauss is a real nice guy. Yasmine really likes him. This is Yasmine's 2nd round and she likes how everyone here treats her like family.

After returning for our follow up (4 months later) and seeing good results, we know its worth the trip. The only thing I would like to see is a place like this in Ontario. We need a place like this.

We would tell people to come here and try this out before surgery. We DID tell people how we are happy with Dr. Strauss.scoliosis treatment results before and after

- Mrs S., mother of Yasmine S., age 14, Ontario

I am a MD, I myself noticed first that my daughter had a scoliosis. I took her to many ortho-spine specialist doctors, and all did nothing. Just wait and observe. I found this center on the internet and researched about it and finally made an appointment.

I am 100% satisfied with Dr. Strauss and his team, and the customized approach of treatment for each different type of scoliosis. I really thank Dr. Strauss and all his team. They are too good, caring, professional...whatever I write for Dr. Strauss & team is less! Amazing people doing a good job. Almighty bless you all!

Please do not go for surgery, what ever type of curve you have, it can be brought down by Dr. Strauss. Just try to visit Dr. Strauss and get it corrected. Surgery is not at all needed unless the curvature is making problems for the internal organs.non surgical scoliosis treatment results before during and after treatment female age 14 risser 2

- Dr A, father of R, age 14, Saudi Arabia

The improvement I experienced the first time I was here prompted me to come back again. Very Satisfied. All staff and Dr Strauss are professional and caring and go out of their way to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

After treatment, when back home, I am so pleased that I am able to send photos to Dr Strauss and receive feedback. I consider this a huge benefit.
Adult Scoliois Treatment South Africa

I had always been led to believe that my scoliosis would continue to progress as I aged and eventually I would have no other choice than surgery. Dr Strauss has changed all this for me. My scoliosis has improved more than I thought was possible. I am able to manage my scoliosis much better with the home programme. I am not in pain and psychologically, I no longer find the scoliosis as terrifying as I did before. Finding Hudson Valley Scoliosis has been an enormous blessing!

- Mandy M., South Africa

I didn't want to go through scoliosis surgery and so investigated alternative treatment options. Hudson Valley Scoliosis happened to be close to my home.

I am very satisfied. Everybody was pleasant and cordial. Dr. Strauss was able to answer all my questions. What is important to me, is that I learn as much as I can about my own body and receive individually-based treatment.

Do your research. Surgery is only justified in a few extreme cases, has high rates of complication, and does not guarantee improvement. If you are a teenager with scoliosis, be sure to wear your brace, if you have one, and do your CLEAR exercises. As someone who didn't learn about these until his 20s, let me tell you that chronic physical pain is not something I would recommend--preventive healthcare is always, always your best option.

- Richard W.

I chose HVS because of all the great successful reviews I read. I am very satisfied with the care and treatment my daughter is receiving. Dr. Strauss is a very kind and caring doctor and has a wonderful staff.

I would tell anyone considering doing surgery please come and do treatments with Dr. Strauss. scoliosis exercises testimonial

- Mrs M., mother of Melina, age 14

We chose Hudson Valley Scoliosis because of location, CLEAR certification, and Dr Strauss's obvious dedication to the field and to staying well informed of new findings.

Quite satisfied. Many pluses - staff (Alex, Darleen) very capable and caring. Dr Strauss's ongoing adjustments of care and appliance throughout the program. Being straight with me before and during treatment about what could be fixed. Dawn and Heather - very responsive. Good upbeat atmosphere.

- Fred M., Maryland

I was searching on the internet for scoliosis treatments and I found your center. HVS homepage was very impressive. I read the homepage, watched the videos, and decided to come here for treatment. In Europe there weren't scoliosis treatments like CLEAR, and we wanted to try this method. We would like to do anything to improve our daughter's scoliosis to avoid surgery and wearing a brace for years.

We didn't regret it! Laura's back got better. It improved a lot. It was good to be here, and to return for a 1 week follow up treatment. And the results are really impressive for Laura (for us).scoliosis treatment hungary

We are satisfied with the program. Dr Strauss told us the proper information, and everybody in the staff was very kind and helpful. Thank you all for your help in everything.

I suggest this kind of treatment to everyone who has scoliosis. The treatment is not painful, and the exercises are not complicated, but effective. I would recommend to come here, and try this treatment before surgery. It's worth it. Surgery would be the last thing to do, when nothing helps. Conservative therapies can help to avoid surgery. I believe in this. To do these exercises are not a big effort, but with them you can have a big gain.

- Mrs. G., mother of Laura, age 15, Hungary

A friend of ours had a program here and recommended it. We liked the efficiency and the care the staff had.

Very satisfied because they are very thorough and with their instructions, what they have done can leave a long term effect. This is a very fine establishment.

Hudson Valley Scoliosis is truly the best form of treatment. It has helped us very much and we will continue to stay grateful to them.

If you are considering bracing or surgery, don't decide just yet. Come here, to Hudson Valley Scoliosis, so that you can get treatment, and see if surgery or bracing is needed.scoliosis treatment results before and after

- Mrs I., mother of Imaan, age 15, Nigeria

I chose Hudson valley Scoliosis because of all the good experiences that I heard about and we had a friend that came to you and that's how I found out about the treatment.

I liked it. Everyone was very nice and extremely professional and knowledgeable.

I am very satisfied. I noticed a change almost immediately.

Make bracing or surgery a last resort.
adult scoliosis treatment intensive program

- Matthew R., Georgia

I found the web page of the Hudson Valley Scoliosis Center. I also read more about the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute and it all sounded most logical to me. The email exchange of information with doctor Strauss and his team was quick and very professional.

Doctor Strauss and the whole team are very professional, thorough, caring, friendly and pleasant to deal with. We are very impressed. The program of care is really well organized.

Make your own research of the scoliosis treatment options. You might not be getting thorough information from your orthopedic surgeon or your physiotherapist, either because they do not know about all the options or because there is never enough time to discuss the problem in detail during the regular check-ups.

Come to Hudson valley Scoliosis Center and try this way of treatment; particularly if the treatment you have been trying at home does not seem to work for you. The sooner, the better chance for improvement.scoliosis exercises before and after

- Dr. G., mother of Julia G., age 14, Czech Republic

I found the office through the CLEAR Scoliosis treatment locator. After viewing the website / testimonials I was confident I would find relief here.

Dr. Strauss & staff were wonderful! I feel like I will be able to care for my scoliosis moving forward. I feel like the program made a big difference for me. I have a better understanding of my curve and how to manage it.
scoliosis testimonial

A huge thank you for the excellent service that I received from the entire staff!

Never let surgery or bracing be your only option. The body is so amazing and with a little time, effort and guidance you can have great results!

- Meghan, M., Pennsylvania

Best non-surgical option available, very professional.

Very satisfied, staff is kind and attentive.

Take up the Hudson Valley Scoliosis Center physical therapy and exercises. They have corrected and improved curves.scoliosis treatment results 16 yr old female risser 5

- Mr. D., father of Julia D., age 16,

I was referred to Dr. Strauss by my chiropractor. I like the kind and caring treatment by the entire staff. I was vert comfortable with the level of experience and kindness of Dr. Strauss. It was important to me that he was affiliated with a research institute such as the CLEAR Method.
adult scoliosis treatment patient testimonial
I was extremely satisfied with the program of care at Hudson Valley Scoliosis Center. It is extremely (and impressively) organized. I can stand straighter and taller than before and I feel great! It has been a positive experience for me!

I would tell someone who is considering bracing or surgery to consider Dr. Strauss and Hudson Valley Scoliosis first. It is worth it to get evaluated. I felt Dr. Strauss was honest and realistic about the progress and reduction of curvature I could receive. I trust his judgement to make referrals for further treatment if he felt it was necessary.

Be proactive and do this for yourself!

- Kathleen D.

I found Dr. Strauss's book on Amazon.com and after reading it I was convinced that proactive, exercise-based treatment is the best way to go. Dr. Strauss is very knowledgeable about scoliosis and has a very well-thought-out plan for treating it.

Very satisfied. My daughter seems to have already improved and now has the tools and knowledge to continue to get better.

The staff is very professional and helpful. Dawn was very helpful in telling us about area restaurants and shopping. The office runs like a well oiled machine.

Go to Dr. Strauss and you may never need a brace or surgery. If you need a brace, he'll get you the most effective one.neck curve before and after 11 yr old female

- Mrs. K., mother of Erica K., age 11, New Jersey

What I like about your center is that you use therapies that do not cause pain.scoliosis treatment kosovo

I'm very satisfied.

Before you try bracing or surgery, please try the exercises here first.

- Valentina G., age 17, Kosovo

This center offers an alternative way of treatment to reduce and treat scoliosis.

Satisfied with the care and support from Dr. Strauss and staff. Very impressed with the professional support from the staff and Dr. Strauss.

I would recommend to try this in the early age.

- Naveera A.

I heard Dr. Strauss's name when I had visited the KKT Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE. What I like best about the Center is Dr. Strauss dealing with patients.

I am quite satisfied about my daughter's program. I wish Dr. Strauss could have another center in Qatar.

I really changed many of my thoughts about scoliosis. I think surgery should be the last choice. In addition, I think many people in my country don't know about scoliosis and I guess it is because we don't have specialists in Qatar.

- Mr A., father of Tami A., age 15, Qatar

We found Dr. Strauss online. We decided to come to Hudson Valley Scoliosis because we wanted to find the best possible solution without surgery. Dr. Strauss's method targets the specifics of every individual's scoliosis. It is efficient and consistent and the staff was friendly and welcoming.adolescent scoliosis intensive testimonial

- Angelina L., mother of Sofia, age 12, Texas

The program here was closest to what I wanted. The center is organized and competent. Reasonable price for the services. would recommend you to anyone.exercise based adult scoliosis treatment patient testimonial

- Paula Z., Massachusetts

I chose Hudson Valley Scoliosis because my sister Blanca is a patient. Very professional staff. Very satisfied. If you are considering bracing or surgery, come to the Center for a consultation.

- Estelle L., Puerto Rico

We chose Hudson Valley Scoliosis Correction Center for the CLEAR therapy. We heard great things about Dr. Strauss and had to give it a try. We were impressed with the hands-on care received. We are beyond satisfied.
teen scoliosis treatment testimonial
We are very pleased with the care and knowledge Dr. Strauss provided. We recommend this CLEAR therapy to anyone looking to improve their scoliosis. We believe in the CLEAR method in addition to bracing. The best of both worlds. Surgery is not an option when we considered CLEAR--why put my child through that when other alternatives exist? This was a great option for us.

- Karin L., mother of Megan L., age 13, Virginia

I found Dr. Strauss on Google after I read about General MacArthur. I decided to see Dr. Strauss after I spoke with him and asked around. Before using Dr.Strauss's method I used a brace and some exercises. I hated wearing a brace. Dr. Strauss's method is non invasive and uses custom tailored exercise. My results have been good so far and I am satisfied.

- Yoseph W.,

We wanted to avoid surgery to avoid complications of post-surgery. We liked the high quality equipment, the friendly atmosphere and almost everything.

We're completely satisfied. The program was well organised.

We would never recommend surgery unless it is too severe. We would recommend CLEAR treatment with a certified chiropractor like Dr Strauss.
kuwait scoliosis treatment testimonial

- Biju K., Father of Bella B., age 14, Kuwait

I chose Hudson Valley Scoliosis because they offer the Intensive Treatment Programs. The service is very good. I am very satisfied with the service, punctuality and commitment. Consider this therapy first.

- Nagwa A., Egypt

We researched alternative scoliosis treatment to avoid surgery and found very positive things said about the center. We also had our trusted home chiropractor look into the center and he was thoroughly impressed by Dr Strauss.

We were satisfied by the care that was given to our son. The faculty was professional and kind. Shay's scoliosis degree was significantly lowered and therefore we were very happy.intensive scoliosis treatment testimonial

Surgery could completely change your life. Exhaust every option before going that route. That included Hudson Valley Scoliosis. We found success with their facilities and we would absolutely recommend it.

- Kathryn O., sister of Shay O., age 15, Ohio

The facility is nice, has a warm, kind and accommodating staff and the doctor as well. I chose it because it's near my brother's place in New Jersey. Everything is in order and preformed systematically. I would strongly recommend to go and consult a doctor like Dr Strauss first before considering to undergo bracing or surgery. He can help the patient be relieved from pain and reduce the curvature of the spine of a scoliotic patient.

- Mrs P., mother of Arianne P., age 15, Phillipines

Dr Strauss's & Heather’s quick response to our emails/calls, upfront about the cost/time requirements. Great staff, Alex was fantastic, Dr Strauss was able to answer any question, felt very confident in his abilities. Well-managed with Dawn & Heather. Very nice! Staff always makes sure I was doing everything for proper time and set up so I felt like they genuinely cared about my success.
treatment testimonial for scoliosis in adults
Boston brace is uncomfortable & ineffective, surgery may be overdoing it if you have resources to try this program. Contact Dr Strauss--he will be able to tell how severe your scoliosis is & what you can do to avoid bracing/surgery

- Tristyn M., Pennsylvania

The center was homey and inviting. It didn't look like a clinic or a hospital. I am very satisfied. The people who worked with me were kind.

- Rachelle A., Canada

We are very, very satisfied with the care and the treatment we received. We booked in for a 2 week intensive course and were 100% happy at all times. My daughter was seen by specialists in London and was told her curve could not be reduced, but Dr Strauss showed us it could. He reduced our daughter’s curve by 33%. My family and I would recommend to anyone thinking about bracing or surgery, “Don’t”. Please phone, or somehow get in touch with, Hudson Valley Scoliosis Correction Center and save yourself or your child from surgery. Please do not miss this opportunity, it will be the best decision you have ever made. I promise. adolescent scoliosis treatment england

- Mr I., father of Eliz I., age 9, England

I chose this office after investigating the website and coming in for a consultation. Dr Strauss and all the staff are friendly and caring.

I am very satisfied with the treatment, so is my daughter.

I would definitely tell anyone to come here first. My daughter wore a Boston brace for a couple of years and her curve still progressed. The brace was so uncomfortable for her and she couldn't bend down or do activities in it. We certainly don't want our daughter to have surgery. The CLEAR treatment seems to be working for her and we are so happy and thankful we found Dr. Strauss.

- Mrs B., mother of Gianna B., age 11

When I was diagnosed with kyphosis I started my research on the internet and I found that Hudson Valley was the best because of the testimony of other people and the machinery used for treatment.

I am very satisfied with my program.

- Mr S., Abu Dhabi

I came across Hudson Valley Scoliosis online while looking for treatment options for scoliosis. I am satisfied with the program. I would recommend this approach before bracing or surgery.

- Amanda O., Nigeria

Comprehensive, non-surgical spine care center that gives patients many options on treating many different health concerns.

Very satisfied: very professional and friendly staff, nice facilities and equipment, and treatment is well supervised and developed. Made my back feel a lot better.

adolescent scoliosis treatment testimonial Loved my time here!

I can't say enough about Dr. Strauss: how knowledgeable and kind of a human being he is. The staff here is awesome: supportive, caring and very professional. Thanks!!

Please exhaust every available resource before undergoing surgery. Many of these treatments are life changing and will make your quality of life so much better.

- Alfredo M., Panama

I liked the relief I felt. I am very satisfied, everything was great! There are far more better ways to relieve pain from your back. Surgery will lead to more problems along the road.

- Anastasiya P., age 17

We wanted the best for our daughter. The diagnosis we got in Toronto was nothing compared to the individualized and personalized, precise assessment of Dr. Strauss. His careful and expert solutions have already made a big difference in only 3 days.

Dr. Strauss and his staff are very accommodating--not only to the patient but to the family as well. His equipment and the materials we received are very helpful and purposeful for the wellness of our daughter.

The whole team of Dr. Strauss has made a big difference to our daughter's life and to the whole family. We have been given hope and measurable results on our daughter's scoliosis without using the brace; improving her lifestyle with exercises specifically designed for her.adolescent scoliosis treatment testimonial

Get seen by Dr. Strauss. He is definitely the expert and will not miss a detail that is critical to the success of your treatment. Bracing is not always the solution--it is very uncomfortable and it can affect your self-esteem; surgery is not always the solution, side effects can occur and can be lifetime. Trust me, I work in healthcare as a nurse. The Health Care System, depending where and what you have, will most likely rule out the most critical cases; but if your case is not a life or death situation they leave you alone. With Dr Strauss, you're not alone. He will get to the root of the problem and recommend only the best.

- Mr & Mrs E., father and mother of Shekinah E., age 11, Ontario

We heard about Hudson Valley Scoliosis from friends and on the internet. We chose Hudson Valley to avoid surgery. We can see progress.

I am very satisfied. I think a lot more people should know about your center.

- Boris D., father of Milana D., age 16

We chose Hudson Valley Scoliosis for scoliosis treatment because of a great referral from a friend. I liked how nice everybody is, and helpful whenever I come. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the treatment I have received.

I would tell anyone to come to Hudson Valley Scoliosis for scoliosis treatment because it will make you feel so much better as it did for me.

- Lydia H., age 15

adolescent scoliosis treatment testimonial

The possibility of non-surgical treatment of scoliosis. We liked absolutely everything! We are very satisfied with the treatment. We had great results!

Every medical case is different. I would tell anyone to evaluate alternative treatment such as CLEAR. I highly recommend Hudson Valley Scoliosis to every scoliosis patient. Come and see Dr. Strauss and you will have great results!

- Mrs H., mother of Lydia H.

I chose Hudson Valley Scoliosis for the unique therapy offered and the proximity to my home. I loved how friendly and personable everyone was. I am very satisfied.

You have to at least try Dr Strauss's method. Everyone deserves an alternative solution.

- Dom D., age 24

I was searching on the internet for an alternative other than surgery for scoliosis. I was impressed with what I read about Dr. Strauss's method of treatment. Dr. Strauss and the staff were both efficient and personable, and I was treated as an individual not just another body with a problem.

I was provided with an exercise program and weighted apparatus geared specifically to my curvature, which I feel will be most valuable.

I was given encouragement and hope despite my age and severe degree of curvature and was not just a "foregone conclusion".
adult scoliosis treatment testimonial
I would tell anyone to inquire about Dr. Strauss's method of treatment and to avoid surgery at all costs. Surgery is a very risky procedure and the outcome could be devastating. If you are diagnosed with scoliosis, seek help while you are young, because there is a greater success rate in the early years. I only wish that this alternative treatment was available to me when I was an adolescent.

- Rose G.

I loved how friendly and attentive everyone was here. Also, how everything was set up and the environment. Everyone made sure I was comfortable. Relocate to where I live : )

Seek alternative treatment first at the Hudson Valley Scoliosis Center. It would be easier and a lot more comfortable and probably more effective.

- Maya P., age 16

We chose Hudson Valley Scoliosis because of the testimonials and prior experience at CT center. Very professional, personable, high level of care and genuine concern from staff. Instant feeling of trust with Dr. Strauss, his positive energy and warm vibe.

Extremely satisfied.

Definitely seek an alternative first--I would recommend Hudson Valley Scoliosis.

- Mrs P., mother of Maya P.

I was recommended by a co-worker who visited the center before.

The workers were all friendly and helpful. Location was good.
adult scoliosis patient from trinidad testimonial

Visit Dr. Strauss. His practice works!

- Ahmed K., Trinidad

I was searching the internet for a non-invasive holistic treatment for my scoliosis. The PDF was impressive. Dr. Strauss's years of experience, the machines, the holistic philosophy.

The program of care has started improving my scoliosis already. The treatment was customized especially for me. All the staff are well trained and caring.

Request the Hudson Valley/Dr. Strauss PDF and follow up with them.

Thank you,

- Genevieve D.

I was referred to Hudson Valley Scoliosis by Dr. Malba. Excellent office, pleasant staff, relaxed environment. It was a pleasure to be here.adult scoliosis patient treatment testimonial

I am completely satisfied.

The devices you ordered to hold phones/ipods were a great idea!

See Dr. Strauss! He is wonderful!

- Diane B.

I found HVS online, late one night. It was the only facility I found that was non-surgical. That was important to me. I liked the doctor and his assistants. Friendly, knowledgeable and always explaining what was happening and why.

I am quite satisfied with the program and treatment. Some of the treatments I could't wait to be over, but in the end the result was worth the time spent.

Consider giving the Hudson Valley Scoliosis Center a try first. From what I have heard people are in constant pain after surgeries. As an adult I didn't expect a huge difference in my curve, but the children attending during my time here saw significant change in their back. If my scoliosis could be slowed or stopped it was a success.

- Stephanie C., Maine

Hudson Valley is the only center that I believe can give my child the best treatment. I like everything about the center. The staff, the hospitality, the care, the concern shown to the patient and the family is overwhelming. This place is a great place. Very satisfied.
scoliosis patient from malawi testimonial
Come to Hudson Valley first. Get the best information you can ever dream of about your child. The best view and perception. With God on his thrown the child will be well and feel complete like any other child of his/her age.

- Mrs O., mother of Taiwo O., age 13, Malawi

adolescent idiopathic scoliosis testimonialTo avoid surgery, friendly and helpful staff, access to the doctor.

Very satisfied.

The new scoliosis braces are made to help the scoliosis get better.

Try Hudson Valley Scoliosis before having surgery.

- Mr K., father of Menaic K., age 13, Canada

I went online, it looked like a good place and I made inquiries.Nigerian patient testimonial scoliosis treatment

Coming here confirmed my expectations. Nice people, nice place. I liked the focus and attention given to each patient.

I am extremely satisfied.

Surgery is not an option. Scoliosis can be corrected with exercise and dedication.

- Jite E., Nigeria

Found the center by searching the internet; read good reviews!!! It's all true! Loved it. Also, when Dr. Strauss returned my call prior to our visit and answered my numerous questions without rushing me.

VERY SATISFIED! Love everybody--from Dr. Strauss to Dawn, Heather, Alex, Aimee & Darleen. Very pleasant people. Dr. Strauss gives 100% of his attention to both patient and parents and does not rush things.

This program works!! We could see a decrease in our daughter's spine curvature w/o the x-ray in a few days.

- Mrs D., mother of Danielle D., age 11

We chose HVS because of the location and because we were very impressed with Dr. Strauss's credentials on the website. I was very impressed with the scoliosis clinic and wanted the top guy to treat Kyle--loved the Doctor's attitude, mannerisms, knowledge and presentation of the whole process.

They were very accommodating to our needs--especially with the travel and allowing Kyle to add a round onto the end of the day instead of driving on Sundays.

non surgical scoliosis treatment testimonial

They whole staff is very knowledgeable and personable. They make the patient and family feel welcome. They are very helpful.

Only consider surgery as a very last option. There are many different options out there. Research all possibilities and get different opinions. There are many approaches to treatment but every case is unique. The CLEAR scoliosis clinic is definitely worth the commitment--Avoid Surgery!!

- Mrs F., Mother of Kyle F., age 15

We chose HVS because it offers a non-surgical treatment for scoliosis. We liked absolutely everything: serious scientific approach to the treatment and very friendly and caring staff. Dr. Strauss is a phenomenal doctor and I am very happy we are being treated by him.

We are very satisfied, we got great results! Everything is just perfect!

I would say that the important thing is not to make quick decisions and research alternative treatments carefully. I believe there is almost always an alternative method of treatment that can help. Surgery, in my opinion, is not a solution for this problem, unless the condition gets to a point when it is life-threatening. We used a brace before and found it very corrective and helpful. We got great results after a two-week treatment at HVS.

Try non-surgical correction, try exercises, believe in yourself, and come see Dr. Strauss--you are in safe hands when you are receiving a treatment in HVS. Never give up! : )

- Mrs S., Mother of Sara

Dear Dr. Strauss and all the staff,

Thank you so much for absolutely everything you have done for me. Everyone here is so friendly and just simply amazing! Thank you for helping many children just like myself. I am 1 step closer to my dream of improving my back even more! Huge thank you to everyone.

- Sara N., age 13, UK

Hudson Valley Scoliosis was recommended to me by the CLEAR Institute. Friendly and very helpful staff. Very nice office. Dr. Strauss is awesome! Very kind and gave realistic information.

Extremely satisfied!

I would tell them to try Hudson Valley first. It is cost effective and there is no pain involved in getting well.

- Denise F.

We chose Hudson Valley Scoliosis because they have all information and detail on their website, giving you the confidence to come to them.

Everything in the center is excellent. I am very satisfied.

I wish it could be bigger and can receive more patients.

Of course I would advise anyone to the first solution: Hudson Valley Scoliosis.

- Mrs A., father of Daniyah A., age 10, Saudi Arabia

We chose this center because we want to have the best treatment for our son's scoliosis. And it is really working.

I am very happy that the exercises are on target and effective. Dr. Strauss is the best and he really cares about everybody.

It all depends on the situation, but I am very against surgery. I believe surgery should be the last resort.

- Mrs R., mother of Daniel R., age 18

I was looking for an alternative treatment to Schroth. Positives: 1) Eckard table, vibration component, X-rays (pre & post, additional consultations are definitely a plus and very much appreciated. 2) Custom plan of care --> A BIG PLUS!

VERY SATISFIED!! Need an additional week for optimal results.

Thank you for allowing me to be in the back with her. I really appreciated that!


Thank you so much!

alternative treatment for scoliosis testimonial

- Malika R., mother of Yasmeen N., age 14

I first of all read about it online, then I came to see for myself and then, I fell in love with the place. So I decided to take my treatment here.

I wish my back curve would have improved more but I am totally satisfied since I believe it is a slow progress.

I would definitely suggest something less invasive first then, if not satisfied, go for what you want. At the end of the day you just have to trust you are doing the right thing for yourself. As for me, Hudson Valley Scoliosis was mine

- Ummi B., Nigeria

It was the only place I could find that offered the possibility of improving my scoliosis. I like Dr Strauss' thoroughness and that he is so committed to getting an improvement.

I am very satisfied. All the staff are very friendly and professional, and everyone treats you with care and consideration. Darleen is a special lady!

Definitely try Hudson Valley Scoliosis first--you have nothing to lose.

- Mandy M., South Africa

My mom researched about scoliosis and found this center. I like that it provides an alternative treatment for scoliosis instead of having to do surgery.

I am very satisfied with the treatment.

I would tell someone considering surgery that they should do this treatment before getting surgery done because it is effective and helpful and I would personally prefer this treatment over surgery.

- Laura S., age 15

alternative scoliosis treatment patient testimonial

The opportunity to cure scoliosis with an alternative treatment to back bracing and surgery. Very convenient location for us and in general.

We are very satisfied. Dr. Strauss is very caring and attentive to details. He gives special attention to each patient. The staff is very kind and helpful with the patients' needs.

Try out the CLEAR Treatment before doing anything else. With patience and commitment to the program the patient can achieve great results.

- Maria F., mother of Laura

My mom found your website. Very effective treatment, optimistic staff, friendly environment. I am very satisfied. Dr Strauss is very thorough and continuously trying to better the scoliosis. He is up-to-date on treatments.

Someone who is considering surgery should do whatever is best for their own personal situation, but they should definitely consider an evaluation with Dr Strauss before proceeding with any operation/surgery.

- Rosa R., age 17

We found Hudson Valley Scoliosis online. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. Online reviews were excellent--made us confident to come and try the program. Constant feedback is great!

The care has been great. Dr Strauss is a fantastic doctor, very impressed with his knowledge and thorough work. The staff are all very pleasant, welcoming and knowledgeable as well. Great experience overall from the minute we walked in the door. Thanks Dawn! : )

We would strongly deter someone against surgery and recommend them to try this treatment.

- Mrs R., mother of Rosa

When I read about the treatment and saw people's testimonials, for the first time in a long time I felt a HOPE for my daughter's back to be fixed. I liked what I saw in the office; it was as I expected, very professional and very promising.
patient testimonial adolescent scoliosis treatmentI am very happy. I have already been telling people about our experience and about this treatment.

- Mrs B., mother of Raphaela, age 9

We chose Hudson Valley Scoliosis for scoliosis treatment because we wanted scoliosis correction/treatment without surgery.

There is that feeling of being at the right place because of the equipment and the professionalism exhibited by Dr Strauss and team during the scoliosis treatment program. Going by the numerous certificates of Dr Strauss, I trust he knows when to update.

The staff are quite friendly. Heather is absolutely amazing. What can a I say about Dawn? Alex? Darleen? Wonderful set of people. Please keep it up!

Of course I would not hesitate to recommend people to the center.

- Mrs J., mother of Bradley and Nona, Nigeria

The doctor had a holistic approach to care and was focused on correcting all inherent problems rather than symptoms. The questionnaire was thorough.

I am very satisfied with the service and care given by all staff. I would like to see information on the facility in schools, both U.S. and other countries and consider facilitating training to non-U.S.-chiropractors to bring this program to scoliosis patients in their country.

Do not!!! brace or consider surgery until you have considered the CLEAR therapy for at least one year.

- Mrs F., mother of Zane and Zeda, Jamaica

A Lot of patients seemed to have very good results and opinions regarding the treatment. Since the orthopedic surgeons were pushing me for surgery, it only made sense to give this a shot.

I am very satisfied with the treatment and feel like it is valuable. Patients debating about this treatment option should give this a shot. What is there to lose?

If I had done this earlier my curve would have not gotten worse. Waiting is the biggest mistake anyone can do. My only regret is not getting this treatment sooner. My back would have thanked me if I had done this earlier. To anyone debating among treatment options, give this a shot. It can change your life.

- Aiswaria G., age 18

I discovered Hudson Valley Scoliosis by research and their website. I was unable to find scoliosis treatment anywhere else. They have a friendly and understanding staff. I was extremely satisfied and would highly recommend it to others needing scoliosis treatment.
adult scoliosis treatment testimonial I would like to say a huge 'Thank You' to all the staff and Dr Strauss from Hudson Valley Scoliosis. You have helped me physically and emotionally. You have also helped me to understand my condition better.

I would highly recommend Hudson Valley Scoliosis to others. I believe some people are recommended surgery when there are alternatives that should be explored first.

- Joanna W., UK

My family chiro recommended that I explore CLEAR. Very warm, friendly and personal staff. Very very satisfied & would highly recommend. I think personal care is very important in a new & potentially anxiety inducing situation...Dr Strauss & all staff quickly made me feel very comfortable.

Try all non invasive methods first. CLEAR is much more suited to me and my needs.

- Celeste B.

We want to avoid invasive treatment. Such as surgery. The staff is very detailed and friendly. They did everything possible to make the improvement for my daughter.
- Mrs P., mother of Tamilee
CLEAR method scoliosis treatment testimonialI am very satisfied with the program. I feared that I wouldn't get much results within the 5 days but I've seen great improvement and wouldn't hesitate to make a revisit.

For someone who is considering bracing or surgery, I would inform them that there are other options. Because of my treatment here and my success, I would personally recommend them to Dr. Strauss. (He really knows his stuff.)

- Tamilee, age 17, Ontario

We chose HVS for it's alternative method of treating scoliosis. I think the program and treatment are excellent. Try this method. I have told people about the program.

- Mother of patient, age 9

The reply of Dr Strauss to all of my questions before coming to Nanuet--that is what made me choose Hudson Valley Scoliosis. We felt that the Hudson Valley team is our family. I am fully satisfied.

If you are considering bracing or surgery, don't do it, try CLEAR protocol and repeat it again and again. Don't go for surgery unless it is the last option.

- Mr Z., father of Sara, age 15, Kuwait

I didn't want surgery...Hudson Valley Scoliosis was close to home (relatively). Good communication, obvious care. I am very satisfied--I felt looked after and well watched.

Bracing seems like a horrible option. It won't make anything better and it ruins your muscles. Surgery is dangerous and can potentially change your life negatively. CLEAR Institute physical therapy requires a lot of time and effort, but it does work! It improves your back with minimal pain and you can still do normal activities.

- Maeve P., age 17

I feel that I was given good care and I liked that the treatment was explained. I would say that this form of treatment is a better solution. It is less restrictive than a brace and a less obvious way to reduce scoliosis. I think it can also have the results you would look for in a surgery without invasively altering your spine and putting you through a big recovery. I feel like those two options are viable but this treatment goes to the root of the problem--your brain.

- Wynne P., age 19
CLEAR method scoliosis treatment testimonial

We are very confident that we are in good hands in all areas from admin to doctor. Fully informed. Encouraged. Treatment area is well run and professional and staff is excellent. X-ray on site is instrumental; tailoring equipment quality. Feel rescued!

If someone were considering bracing or surgery, obviously...explore this first. In spite of long term personal work commitment needed to re-train your body, we have decided to try to avoid surgery. We believe we are on path to do that. My daughter had started to feel afraid and helpless about her condition and now she is empowered to do something herself.

CLEAR has shown results. My oldest daughter went from 30/17 to 18/7--about 50% improvement. Youngest more complicated, but CLEAR protocol is working to improve her back significantly. We have faith in this...and are thankful we eventually found it.

- Pat S., mother of Maeve and Wynne

I wanted to manage & potentially correct my scoliosis w/o bracing because I knew it was getting worse. I think the staff & Dr Strauss are amazing & courageous for delving into this kind of alternative treatment for a condition that is known to be hard to cure. The machines also do wonders & make me feel much better & pain free!

I am very satisfied with the program & treatment I received. It definitely made my back feel better & I feel like my condition has improved. I would tell anyone considering bracing or surgery that there is a better option!! The treatment & program here works and with some time & effort, their scoliosis will get better!!

- Joan B., (Adult Scoliosis)

I found out about Hudson Valley Scoliosis on the internet and from The CLEAR Institute website. We chose your office because of the proximity to our home, the cost compared with other providers, and the informative and welcoming phone conversations prior to own first visit.

We feel very satisfied because of your comprehensive approach. The care we received here was more personalized to my daughter's needs. Thank you very much for giving us our hope back!

- Mrs L., Mother of Hannah L., age 15

adolescent scoliosis testimonial

- Husna B., age 15

I chose Hudson Valley Scoliosis because of the good reputation of Dr. Strauss and CLEAR and also to avoid using braces or doing the scoliosis operation for my daughter Sarah. The hospitality, care and support we had last Dec. 2013 from Dr. Strauss & his team made me choose HVS for the second time. I like the progress my daughter made during the short Intensive Treatment she had.

adolescent scoliosis testimonialI am very satisfied with the program of care and treatment and the close monitoring and follow-up from Dr. Strauss and his staff--10/10. Especially with the direct supervision from Dr. Strauss

For me the most important thing is the Doctor and his staff. I would like to see the center expanded to help more people. For sure I will recommend your center to all our friends and families we know and I am sure they all want to avoid doing the surgery.

NO BRACING, NO SURGERY, go see Dr. Andrew Strauss & you will be astonished with the results and progress he will make for your scoliosis!

Thank you again Dr. Strauss!

- Muneer M., Father of Sarah M., age 15, Jordan

I was looking to correct my scoliosis and I liked thatadult scoliosis testimonial Hudson Valley Scoliosis was an alternative to bracing. I am 100% satisfied with the program of care and treatment that I received.

I would tell someone who is considering bracing or surgery to try Hudson Valley Scoliosis first. You can make improvements to your back without torturing yourself.

- Anna A.

CLEAR Institute came up in my Google search for “Alternative Treatments”. Dr. Strauss’ way of speaking and relating to Erika was very effective. (Even though Erika had initial negative attitude when we first arrived) Darlene’s has a great way of persuading and cajoling Erika to be pushed positively. Dawn’s attitude too was also to encourage Erika to be responsible and independent!

I am very satisfied, I saw how Dr. S tried different ways to customize the program and the weighted apparatus. I wish I had taken my daughter here earlier.

- Karin Y., Mother of Erika N., age 13

I chose Hudson Valley Scoliosis for scoliosis treatment because my mother did research and it seemed like they know what they are doing.

I’m very satisfied. This is the first time time my scoliosis reduced that much, even at all.

I would just like to say, thank you very much!

I would tell someone considering bracing or surgery, to come see Dr. Strauss. Before I came here, I didn’t think there could be a change with my back and I was considering bracing and surgery. Since I came here, I finally know that there’s an option other than surgery. This is a good thing for everyone who has scoliosis.

- Cassandra R., age 17, Montreal

I know and feel Dr. Strauss can improve my scoliosis and avoid surgery or bracing. Their center is always neat and organized every time I come in.

With the program of care and treatment, I am very satisfied. In every machine and exercise, I feel the improvement of my spine. In their facility, I especially LOVE talking to the staff, Such as Darlene, Heather, Dawn and of course Dr. Strauss!

Anybody who is trying bracing or recommending surgery you NEED to come see Dr. Strauss at Hudson Valley Scoliosis. He’s a genius! He will try to reduce your spine back to normal. Bracing is nothing compared to his treatment. At the end of the day here at Hudson Valley Scoliosis, you’ll leave with a big smile on your face! Literally! Always think twice before surgery and trying bracing because here at Hudson Valley you won’t regret it!
: )

- Jennifer R., age 14

adult scoliosis testimonialI chose Hudson Valley Scoliosis for their non surgical approach to scoliosis treatment. I liked the amount of time both Dr. Strauss and team spent with me on a daily basis. Everything was great. I enjoyed the open office environment.

I would tell someone who is considering bracing or surgery, see Dr. Strauss first!!

- Scott S.

I liked the various results posted on your website and the many different equipment for treatment you have. Having been here we found you and your staff to be nice people and have seen good results.

We are satisfied. Well done!

Keep up the good work!

I would tell someone considering bracing or surgery to try Hudson Valley Scoliosis Center first before making such decisions.

temi scoliosis testimonial

- Mrs. S., Mother of Temi S., age 14, Nigeria

john scoliosis testimonial
I chose Hudson Valley Scoliosis because I liked the details presented on the website. There’s a general lack of good options available to me. The website is good and gave me comfort that I was in good hands.

I am very satisfied. Could not have asked for more. Treatment has given me a new lease on life.

We have a young relative who is facing surgery and we will definitely be encouraging her father to review your procedures with a hope of avoiding surgery and going this route instead

- John B., British Columbia

My husband found your website. I liked many things about your clinic, but the greatest assets are: the time you spend with every client (you take all the time required to answer questions & solve problems) and the relaxed atmosphere you create here.

Very satisfied; wish I could stay longer. It seems like it took a week just for my back to loosen up. Now my spine is moving! I've felt lighter & pain free in my back from day one.

I was impressed with the organization of your office. As a business owner--I notice that. Every staff member worked their butt off (Doc. included), had a variety of tasks & knew what they needed to do, even with a full office.

Definitely investigate this alternative first. I admit, I was skeptical. How could my 50 yr old back “learn new tricks”. But change has occurred. Now I pray I can maintain the results.

karen scoliosis testimonial

- Karen L., Ohio

I found Dr. Strauss on the internet. I liked the description of various treatments available to all ages.

I’m very satisfied. Everyone has been so caring and very professional.

I've noticed a difference every day as a result of treatment. I feel very positive about the future and my quality of life.

- Fran M.

venus scoliosis testimonialI found Hudson Valley Scoliosis on the internet. I thought the feedback was positive and helpful. Impressed that I got to speak with Dr. Strauss before coming and my emails with questions were answered promptly and with care.
Very satisfied, very efficient, professional and friendly. All the staff take time and effort to make sure everything is running correctly and smoothly. Dr Strauss explains everything and always has time for you. Felt really comfortable, and had fun too while having the treatments. Great crowd, great team, great clinic!

I’ll miss the treatment and the people.

I would tell someone considering bracing or surgery, not to have any of these, as they should try the “CLEAR” program first.

- Ursula H., Germany

My daughter is at the age of 14 years young and we’re from South Africa. My daughter was diagnosed with the lumbar Scoliosis of 67 degrees. We chose Dr. A. Strauss ‘cause of the feedback from other patients and the therapy is only available here. We traveled a long way to New York Nanuet, like 24 hours....for her treatment at this remarkable spine clinic of Dr. Andrew Strauss.

We got more than what we expected. With the marvelous assistance at his clinic we felt very warm and were treated very well...they are the best!venus scoliosis testimonial

With just one week of therapy, my daughter already felt the difference within her self. I truly believe that Dr Strauss is confident in his work and has a unique way of performing therapy. I would recommend anyone anytime to make it your duty to visit Dr. Strauss first before you make any decisions of surgery.

This is from my HEART!!
Please contact Dr. Strauss first prior to making any decisions of surgery. He can help you a great deal. Please make it your duty to visit his institute first. He’s a good man and my blessings go to him and all his warm-hearted staff, they are GREAT!

I pray for one and all at this clinic for a good happy cherished life Aameen.

Keep it up--God Bless!

Irfaan B.
South Africa

- Irfaan B., father of Husna B., age 14

I was brought to Dr. Strauss’s office after my orthopedic doctor told me I had a 42 degree curve and recommended surgery. I am an active 15 year old and was experiencing no pain. My left shoulder was higher than my right. Also, my right shoulder blade stuck out more than the left. Other than those signs, I would not have known anything was wrong.

I describe my care at Dr. Strauss’s office in one word: Exceptional!

My parents contacted his office the Sunday after I had seen the orthopedic doctor (which was Friday). They explained that we were checking in to what other treatments were available for scoliosis and would like to learn more about the CLEAR treatments. We were directed to come down and a least start the paperwork and see the office. Upon our arrival, we started the paperwork, toured the office, and to our surprise met Dr. Strauss. Dr. Strauss took the time to explain all the treatment options, not just the CLEAR treatments. He gave me a complete examination and made sure to answer any question we had. Before we left, he said he would have a treatment plan for me by the following day.

Every time I come in for treatment, Dawn, Heather, Darleen, and Dr. Strauss are all very nice and friendly. They always ask how I am doing, and about school.

The thing I like most about coming to the office is knowing that I am doing everything I can to avoid surgery. I like seeing the improvement in my range of motion. I like that I feel taller and people have started to notice that I am standing straighter.

It is also great meeting other kids who have scoliosis. I like knowing that I am not alone. The added bonus is I get to meet kids from other states and other countries.

Stop thinking about it and go see Dr. Strauss. He will take the time to explain everything and it is well worth the trip. He gives you honest answers on what you can expect to get out of these treatments. You owe it to yourself and your back to at least check out your options.

- Kevin C., age 15

What I liked most about Hudson Valley Scoliosis was the website—and speaking with Dr Strauss on the phone ASAP made a big difference!

I am very satisfied with the program of care and treatment we received.

If someone were considering bracing or surgery, I would tell them “Don’t do it! Go to Dr Strauss”. Traditional orthopedists aren't correctly informed and will steer you incorrectly! Dr Strauss is a miracle worker and will reduce your curve without bracing or surgery!

wendy h scoliosis testimonial

- Wendy H., mother of Abigail H., age 14 and Hannah H., age 15

I never considered that I had scoliosis until my mother explained that she had a spine that had 30% scoliosis. She then showed me a Velcro body suit that she was expected to wear, and she said she wasn't going to wear it because it was so heavy and uncomfortable (and I agreed with her!). She then said the only thing that could be done was surgery in the future.
susan w scoliosis testimonial
I knew that I needed to do something about the problems I was having when I walked, perhaps it was also scoliosis. It was then that I went to the computer to search about scoliosis. This time the information that I came upon was Dr. Strauss's website and I noted the title of Scoliosis Correction Center. I then made an for a consultation. Dr Strauss explained that I had three conditions according to my spinal X-rays, one of which was scoliosis.

Before I started my treatments, I could not walk for more than 100 feet without having leg and hip pain. After several months of treatments and doing exercises that were assigned to me, I pleased to say that I am greatly improved. I have been been able to return to ballroom dancing and enjoy other activities through the restoration of my spine. I am thankful for the results that have been made toward the healing of my spine through this natural chiropractic approach, mindful always that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.

- Susan Weber

My daughter was diagnosed with a 67 degree thoracic curvature in Aug 2012 during summer vacation in Atlanta a few weeks shy of her 12th birthday! (Just a year before we contacted Dr Strauss.)

It was devastating! We were referred to a scoliosis expert for children who fitted her with the Spinecor brace which cost almost $5000. She wore it for a year during which I had engaged in online researches for scoliosis treatment and Clear institute came up!

I was fascinated with the exercise methods, Youtube videos of success stories and knew it should work for my daughter!venus scoliosis testimonial

Contacted several of the clear institute certified doctors but only Dr Strauss responded with pure honesty, integrity, passion and I could sense pure dedication to what he does to help the correction of scoliosis from his tone during phone calls and emails!

Long and short of it all, my entire family came to NY to support my daughter during her 2 weeks intensive therapy programme! It was daunting and even more devastating when after a comprehensive and thorough evaluation, her curvature had progressed to 99 degrees thoracic and 78 degrees lumber!! Imagine d horror and heartbreak even after the 22 hour wear of the brace over a year! It didn't work!

Dr Strauss was open and encouraged us! It was a pretty high and severe curve! He advice us to get MRIs done to rule out any underlying conditions that the xrays can't pick up and got an expert with vast years of experience to read the MRIs! He even went further to get us a discount on the MRI payment as we had no health insurance! Thankfully, results were normal and clean!

Dr Strauss armed with the results and the assistance of Darlene, they got to work on my daughter with various machines, exercises, stretches?, weights etc. They were amazing! She was further armed with exercise materials, dvds, diagrams and her cantilever (apparatus:thats the pipe like thing you must have seen on their website) was built to her curve specification. It was intense on my daughter but she had to keep pushing and work harder with all that is at our disposal in terms of experts, methods and machines to reduce her curve, especially as we don't have such resources back home in Nigeria! Of course we threw the $5000 brace in the trash!

My daughter resumed at the clinic about 7.30am, has a 2 hour break about noon and back till 6pm 5 days a week except for friday which is half day, Tuesdays and Saturdays are off days!

My daughter was not alone, many teenagers and preteens that came from all over the world were enrolled for the 2wk programme, from Syria, Russia,Turkey,London etc. That boosted her moral as the other patients encouraged one another and of course friendship evolved!

After 2 weeks of intense therapy sessions, home rehab exercises and breathing exercises, her curve was reduced to 76 degrees? thoracic and 58 degrees lumber!! It was a miracle, a delight and a blessing! It worked!! Exercises work!

We were given evaluation reports backed up with strict instructions to follow with her cantilever that was built to help her exercises in the clinic and at home! Her posture had improved, her lung capacity and breathing was better, her flexibility and reach was better and of course her confidence soared!

She is doing her exercises twice a day and with her apparatus 3 times daily. She turned 13 2 weeks ago and is doing very well according to pictures I send to Dr Strauss for evaluation.

Myself and her are looking forward to her? follow up next month! I believe in the system! The staff was superb! Darlene kept encouraging my daughter and never gave up on her! Dawn, ever smiling and on her toes with information to make your stay at the clinic and Nanuet as pleasant as possible, always genuinely ready to help! Heather keeps me updated via emails and is very warm!

With these wonderful people working with Dr Strauss, i was at peace! My daughter had very good results after the 2wks and we are still pushing to reduce the curve!

I hope I haven't bored you! Lol! But I can authoritatively recommend you look into sending your child to Nanuet! You will not regret it!

Warm Regards,
Lagos, Nigeria

- Aurelia, mother of Venus, age 13

I have severe S-curve shaped Scoliosis. Developing since birth. My main problem is in the lumbar region. I have episodes of aching in the area. Also the pain radiates down the front of my right leg. I would describe my treatment to involve stretching my back and neck out, which loosens my muscles and spine to relieve the tightness in my back. My care also involves shaping and molding my lower back with an electric activator device which helps flatten my lower spine, which can stick out at times when I get muscle spasms. I am also able to stand straighter and my pain is dramatically lessened after treatment with Dr. Strauss.

I enjoy talking with Dawn and Darlene, Dr. Strauss's assistants. They are always cheerful and helpful and go out of their way to make it comfortable while you are there during your visit. When I go for my follow-up visits, I like to tell Dr. Strauss about my progress and how well I am doing with my overall physical health. I also like to tell him how I am doing with the isometric exercises that I do on a daily basis. Most of all, I like coming to Dr. Strauss's office because I know when I leave I will have more energy and I am less stiff.

I would highly recommend to try chiropractic care from the CLEAR Institute to other people with Scoliosis. Orthopedic surgeons can't really do much for people with Scoliosis except do surgery or put a patient in a brace for a period of time. This type of chiropractic treatment is a lot less painful and uncomfortable, and it allows a person to participate in their own treatment by doing daily exercises. It also did not take that long for me to feel much better. I felt much better after the end of my first week of intensive treatment! It is now 10 months since I started treatment with Dr. Strauss and I definitely have less overall pain in the lower back, less back spasms, less pain down my right leg, and I stand straighter.

- Valerie R.

I have Scoliosis with pain in my back and arm. I've had excellent care at Hudson Valley Scoliosis since I started here. I've had Scoliosis since childhood and now that I am older there is not much that can be done but coming to Dr. Strauss has made me feel so much better. His treatment has been wonderful. I like coming to Dr. Strauss's office as they are very caring and you are treated with such care. I've improved 100% with not as much pain. I would recommend anyone to give Dr. Strauss a try. You will not regret it. He's such a very compassionate and caring doctor. He's the best. I was very fortunate to have Dr. Strauss take care of me. I'm so much better.

- Marjorie E.

My daughter was diagnosed with 26 degree scoliosis in 2010 when she was 8 years old. After some research we went to a pediatric orthopedist in Central Jersey. The doctor has not recommended braces or any other exercises to do at home at that time and recommended us to monitor the progress. After a year, we had another visit and learned that the curve increased to 31 degrees. After seeing this increase, the doctor recommended her to wear braces. After 2 weeks, we got the braces (Boston braces) and were told that she should wear it at least 16 hours a day.

It was very difficult for her to wear the braces. She was trying for a few hours and complaining that it hurts and was asking us to take it off. We had a really hard time to have her use it. At one of those days, we were looking for some alternative treatments and found out about Dr. Strauss, Hudson valley Scoliosis Correction Center at Nanuet, NY. We called their office and took an appointment in the mid of November 2012. After initial consultation, X-rays, and tests we started treatment with Dr. Strauss. From December 2012 to March 2013, we did treatment for about 3 months. The orthopedist asked us how she was doing wearing the braces. We told him that it had not been good. After an X-ray taken, he told us that the curve decreased to 16 degrees. We couldn't believe this result. While discussing the result with the orthopedist, he told us that even with this much wearing there had been good progress and recommended to wear the braces more. But my daughter, during the 3 months, maybe wore the braces 16hours/day for only a few days, some other days she wore at most 5-6 hours. And most days, she didn't wear it at all. Just to give the doctor precise information, I said "Dr. during this 3 month period, in total, she might have worn the braces maybe 5-10% of the times that she should have". And we told him about the treatment with Dr. Strauss's office and told him that other than Dr. Strauss's office we didn't do anything else. He said you can continue that therapy and wearing the braces at the same time. Now, she completely stopped wearing the braces and we are continuing Dr. Strauss's office for therapy but I should mention that Dr. Strauss recommended us to wear the braces (during the night when she is sleeping) as well.

Does this show the braces doesn't do anything good, and shouldn't be used? NO, I cannot say that. Because my daughter didn't use it properly so we don't have any accurate information about the effect of braces. But I should emphasize that she didn't want to wear the braces and the only treatment we had for that time period was the therapy with Dr. Strauss' office. We thank God for giving us this beautiful result and appreciate Dr. Strauss and all his team for his great efforts, hard work and passion for the work they do.

I wrote just a summary of our story. If any patient/parent wants to verify this information and get more details about our story, he/she can get my contact info from Dr. Strauss's office and contact me directly to get more information.

– Murtaza O., father of Mucella O., age 11

My 7-year-old has severe Scoliosis--34 degree curve. She was told to start bracing and that she would possibly have to start having operations adding titanium rods to her back every 6 months. The care at Hudson Valley Scoliosis is very customized and detailed with excellent follow-up. We've had wonderful results. My daughter's curve shrunk to 10 degrees. Her orthopedic surgeon couldn't believe it. We continued to see him every 6 months. Our results have been terrific. We do the exercises faithfully. My 18-year-old son's curve jumped 17 degrees (although his orthopedist discharged him three years ago) and now he's being treated by Dr. Strauss, also.

- Louise M., mother of Vanessa B., age 7

The care here is excellent. The special Scoliosis treatment was helping my daughter Emily a lot. The curve on her spine became much smaller. We do like the people at the office and the treatment. Everybody is working hard to help the children. Come and see and experience the improvement of your Scoliosis.

– Peter S., father of Emily S., age 14 and Jennifer S., age 12

Dr. Strauss is very gentle with all his patients. The care is excellent. My son is always relaxed and comfortable at the office. He no longer has to wear a brace all day and he is much less restricted than when he wore his brace. Our son was diagnosed with Scoliosis at age 5. His curve was about 30° and was required to wear a brace for 23 hours a day. Orthopedic told us our son would be facing surgery in the near future. Dr. Strauss began working with our son at age 6. Now at age 8 he wears a brace only at night and his curve has stabilized.

– John B., father of Owen B., age 8


I had severe mid/lower back pain, as well as in the hip, shoulder & leg. Enough pain to stop me from getting a sound sleep and from doing daily activities. I've had a dramatic 30% improvement in the curvature and alignment of my spine. A 98% reduction of pain and 100% restoration of movement. 100% improvement of my general health!!! Dr. Strauss’s knowledge of the various effective techniques has restored my health.
– Morris Y.


I have scoliosis with pain in my neck and upper back. I would give the care at Hudson Valley Scoliosis an 11 out of 10! Dr. Strauss is really good at what he does. For example, I went from having intense headaches 5 days a week to practically none =) Everyone in the office is really nice and your treatment is never rushed, even if you're here after 6 (closing time!).
If you are thinking about coming to Dr. Strauss, you should definitely come! It is totally worth it. 100% guaranteed satisfaction =)
– Jill P., age 18


My son was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the age of 7. William's curve was 27 degrees. My son's care is diligent, attentive and top notch. William has made nice progress because of it. Thank you! What we like most about coming to the office is the individuals that make up the office. My son feels truly at home when receiving his care. This has been a difficult adventure for a young 7 year old boy but the office has made this journey worth exploring. I value Dr Strauss's knowledge of his patients and the cases that walk through his door. As the mom who has already lived through what my son is experiencing, I wish there was a Dr. Strauss 34 years ago.

– Marlene C., mother of William C., age 8


*Individual patient results may vary

6 comments on “Testimonials
  1. Chrislyn Pict says:

    Hi, Do you CURE scoliosis or only improve it? and does your system work with adults who have developed it at 62 years or only in children?

    Chris Pict

    • As AIS is a condition that is medically known as idiopathic, no one can state they have a cure!
      My system works with adults as well as children. Our oldest patient right now is 81 years young!
      Best regards,

      Dr. Strauss

  2. shahbaz says:


    What treatment you use for mild scoliosis, do you use KKT device for treatment?


    • KKT is one approach of many used to correct upper cervical misalignment. I am past president of the upper cervical society and have studied in detail 3 separate systems of performing this type of correction. At this office we do not use KKT, we use another type of instrument. The results are the same! Keep in mind that upper cervical correction is one component of a system of spinal correction for scoliosis. I have never seen any upper cervical practitioner who would claim to be correcting scoliosis, unless that upper cervical correction was combined with a full system of home based exercises and neuro muscular re-education.

  3. Harvinder Singh says:

    Wow, I have seen many testimonials. Seems, lot of patients have been diagnosed successfully at your center. I appreciate it very very much. I have been also suffering from Scoliosis since my childhood with 45 degree of curve. I am 33 year of age. My conditions are getting worst day by day. Like shoulder pain, having sprain in shoulder etc. I already contacted you last year but that time I did not give it worth.

    • Many patients take the necessary time to review all treatment options and then contact us a year or so later when they have had the time to make a considered decision… When they arrive, they are committed to the treatment program and make excellent patients!

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