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The Truth About Adult Scoliosis: What You Need to Know About History, Treatment Options, and How to Prevent Progression

By Dr. Andrew Strauss

Adults with scoliosis are often overlooked and forgotten by our healthcare system. After treating many adults and hearing their questions, frustrations and needs, Dr. Strauss was compelled to write this follow-up book. In it he offers adults with scoliosis the fundamentals about scoliosis, treatment options, hope and reassurance. (NOTE: 35% of the content in this book on adult scoliosis is identical to the book on child scoliosis, “Your Child Has Scoliosis, Now What Do you Do?”. This identical content includes the history of scoliosis, general scoliosis terms, causes of idiopathic scoliosis etc.)

Your Child Has Scoliosis, Now What Do You Do?: Options to Stay Ahead of the Curve

By Dr. Andrew Strauss

Dr. Andrew Strauss’s passion for finding the underlying cause of scoliosis and effectively treating it brought him on a journey to explore new frontiers in the realm of evidence based, scientifically sound principles that get to the root of the problem. In this groundbreaking book Your Child Has Scoliosis, Dr. Strauss gives parents the fundamentals, the reasoning, and the science to know what steps to take next with their child.