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Can you live a normal life with scoliosis?

Scoliosis shouldn’t affect your self-esteem, and it certainly shouldn’t prevent you from leading a normal life. However, you may need to adjust some of your daily activities to feel more comfortable with your condition.

You're not alone! Celebrities with scoliosis

You may think you’re the only person you know with scoliosis. In reality, athletes, actors, and musicians from Usain Bolt to Yo-Yo Ma and Shailene Woodley to Sarah Michelle Gellar also have the condition.

Scoliosis research: What the science says

Dr. Andrew Strauss and his staff at Strauss Scoliosis Correction make a point of keeping up with the latest scoliosis research to bring our patients the most effective treatments. We’ve curated some of the most relevant resources so you can stay informed.

Which treatment plan is right for you?

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Resources for patients

If you’ve already visited Strauss Scoliosis Correction and been prescribed a treatment program, use these resources to guide you as you supplement your in-office therapies with at-home exercises.

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