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Scoliosis in Children

Non Surgical Care For Adolescent Scoliosis

adolescent scoliosis

A detailed presentation on conservative (non drug, non surgical) options for adolescent scoliosis. Pain relief, postural correction, stopping progression and reversing the curvature and preventing the use of bracing or surgical intervention. Specific Scoliosis Exercise programs are described combined with targeted stretching, active self correction and neuro muscular re-education techniques. The latest research in scoliosis … Read more

How to Effectively Check Your Child’s Spine for Scoliosis

check your child's spine for scoliosis

An important video explaining how to check your child’s spine for scoliosis while you are taking a break from active care. Please alert your doctor if you see noticeable changes. How to Check Your Child’s Spine for Scoliosis During a break from active care, it is crucial tocheck your child’s spine for scoliosis, as this … Read more

Scoliosis Screening

School Screening for Scoliosis Valuable or a HUGE waste of resources? If scoliosis screening in school is ineffective, unreliable, has no real impact on the treatment or ultimate patient outcomes…. why are over half our states still wasting time and money to continue to pretend it has value? Or…. Are there effective early stage treatment … Read more

Infantile Scoliosis

Scoliosis in Infants Early Onset scoliosis or Infantile Idiopathic scoliosis is defined as scoliosis that is first diagnosed in a child between birth and 5 years of age. Parents usually first notice that their child persistently lies in a “banana shape” or sits leaning to one side. Also, a prominence of the ribs on one … Read more