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Scoliosis in Children

You don't have to "watch and wait"

The typical approach to treating scoliosis in children is simply to “watch and wait”—and see how the curve progresses. But most juvenile scoliosis curves are at high risk of worsening without treatment. The good news? Scientific studies have shown that individually designed, nonsurgical treatment programs can halt and even reduce scoliosis curves.
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The Strauss Method

For over thirty-nine years, Dr. Strauss has relieved the pain and improved the quality of life for thousands of scoliosis patients who sought relief without surgery. The Strauss Method is a unique combination of the most advanced research-based scoliosis treatments, customized by Dr. Strauss for each patient.

Have you been told your child needs surgery?

Many patients with severe scoliosis have been told that scoliosis surgery is the only way to eliminate pain and halt the progression of their curves. However, in most cases, surgery is not a necessity. Non-invasive scoliosis treatments can be just as effective and bring less risk.
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Your Child Has Scoliosis. Now What Do You Do? Options to Stay Ahead of the Curve

By Dr. Andrew Strauss

The benefits of treating mild curves

Many children with mild scoliosis are told to do nothing because their curves are “too small to treat.” Yet research shows that mild curves respond well to exercise-based correction, often without the need for scoliosis bracing.