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adult scoliosis

Adult Scoliosis Patient Eliminates Pain & Improves Lung Function

adult scoliosis patient

A testimonial from an adult scoliosis patient with a large curve after CLEAR scoliosis treatment method. This patient did not begin to experience pain until after menopause. After which time the pain become worse. She attempted to alleviate this pain through self-instructed yoga exercises, only to find her scoliosis had progressed. After using the CLEAR … Read more

Non Surgical Care For Adults with Scoliosis

adults with scoliosis

A detailed presentation on conservative (non drug, non surgical) options for adults with scoliosis. Pain relief, postural correction, arresting progression and minimizing the disability associated with adult scoliosis. Specific Scoliosis Exercise programs are described combined with targeted stretching, active self correction and neuro muscular re-education techniques. The latest research in adults with scoliosis bracing. Both … Read more

Can you Correct Adult Scoliosis?

adult scoliosis

In this video, Dr. Strauss discusses the treatment options available for adult scoliosis, with a focus on exercise-based methods. Drawing on scientific research binders, he emphasizes the importance of managing patients’ expectations regarding the extent of correction possible, while highlighting the primary goals of treatment, such as controlling pain, preventing the progression of the curve, … Read more

Can Scoliosis Be Treated In Adults?

When people think of scoliosis they think of children and teens with crooked backs. In reality, many adults suffer from scoliosis. The popular medical approach to scoliosis treatment is to “wait and see”—to monitor the curve to see if it’s at risk for progression. By these standards the curves that are treated are those that are deemed … Read more