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Scoliosis Tattoos: The Most Beautiful and Unusual Examples

People have different ways of coping or embracing their scoliosis. While some may focus on wearing clothing to disguise scoliosis, others choose to put theirs on display. There appears to be a trend of individuals with scoliosis getting tattooed to celebrate their unique physique or commemorate a challenging experience they suffered as a result of it.

Just do a Google image search and you will see hundreds of scoliosis tattoos that link to each individual’s story. Here are some beautiful and… unusual… examples of scoliosis tattoos.

The simplest examples involve inspirational text. Many of which include the phrase “bent not broken” as it appears to be the unofficial slogan of scoliosis.
  bent not broken scoliosis tattoo  scoliosis scar tattoo                            "Turn your scars into stars"
  scoliosis surgery tattoo tattoo scoliosis scar
 Some people get tattoos to cover up their scoliosis scars.
tatoo to cover up scoliosis scar scolisois tattoo cover up
Others use tattoos to highlight or modify their scars into something more visually interesting.  
  tattoo to highlight scolisois scar  tattoon on scoliosis scar
These three tattoos are more literal representations of each person's unique scoliosis.
tattoo of scoliosis  tattoo of scoliotic spine tattoo embracing scoliosis
These two are more abstract scoliosis tattoos.
  scoliosis tattoo cover up   scoliosis scar tattoo cover up
Some scoliosis tattoos are even more detailed and elaborate. You can imagine they took hours to complete and possibly more than one sitting.
tattoos for scoliosis  tattoo on scoliosis   scoliosis tattoo
Some of the tattoos depicting the person’s actual scoliosis are SO detailed that it can be difficult to even look at!
graphic scoliosis tattoo

Regardless of the size, style or detail, these tattoos mean something to the people who took the time and pain necessary to get them.