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Hudson Valley Scoliosis

WARNING! This page contains graphic images and video of surgery!

The History of Scoliosis Surgery For video of scoliosis surgery click the checkbox below. (WARNING VERY GRAPHIC) Yes I want to see a real scoliosis surgery (WARNING VERY GRAPHIC) A real scoliosis surgery in progress: WARNING VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC CONTENT! (click to play) [youtube=//] The first scoliosis surgeries were conducted by a French surgeon named … Read more

Infantile Scoliosis

Scoliosis in Infants Early Onset scoliosis or Infantile Idiopathic scoliosis is defined as scoliosis that is first diagnosed in a child between birth and 5 years of age. Parents usually first notice that their child persistently lies in a “banana shape” or sits leaning to one side. Also, a prominence of the ribs on one … Read more