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Strauss Scoliosis Correction is the premier center for non-surgical scoliosis treatment in NYC.  

We have successfully treated patients with many different spinal conditions, including

Expert scoliosis doctor in NYC

Dr Strauss is one of the most established, and well-trained scoliosis doctors in the greater NYC area. He has over 35 years of experience and has treated over 10,000 patients. 

Dr. Strauss is the Vice President of the CLEAR institute, a graduate of the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic. He is trained in a multitude of non-invasive, non-surgical treatments  Whatever the diagnosis, patients from around the the New York area come to him before considering orthopedic surgery.

Our New York scoliosis patients come from:

  • New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island)
  • Long Island
  • Rockland County
  • Orange County
  • Westchester County
  • Putnam County

Our New Jersey scoliosis patients come from:

  • Bergen County
  • Passaic County
  • Essex County

Our Connecticut scoliosis patients come from

  • Fairfield County
  • New Haven County

In fact, as a center of excellence, patients come from all over the United States and the entire world. If you live in the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or Pennsylvania), you owe it to yourself to consider Strauss Scoliosis Correction!

Scoliosis treatment specialist NY NYC Manhattan Brooklyn Queens Bronx Staten Island Long Island Rockland Orange County Westchester Putnam NJ Bergen Passaic Essex CT PA
Strauss Scoliosis Correction is the leading center for non-surgical scoliosis treatment in the New York Metro / Tri-State Area.

What some of our New York area patients are saying

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“Dr. Strauss is a very kind and caring doctor and has a wonderful staff. I would tell anyone considering doing surgery please come and do treatments with Dr. Strauss.”
– Mrs M., mother of Melina, age 14, New York

“Best non-surgical option available, very professional. Take up the Strauss Scoliosis Correction physical therapy and exercises.”
– Mr. D., father of Julia D., age 16, New York

adult scoliosis treatment patient testimonial e1485194821792I was referred to Dr. Strauss by my chiropractor. I was extremely satisfied with the program of care at Strauss Scoliosis Correction. I can stand straighter and taller than before and I feel great! It has been a positive experience for me!”
– Kathleen D., New Jersey

scoliosis testimonial e1485195983747“Dr. Strauss & staff were wonderful! I feel like I will be able to care for my scoliosis moving forward. I feel like the program made a big difference for me. I have a better understanding of my curve and how to manage it.”
– Meghan, M., Pennsylvania

“I found Dr. Strauss’s book on and after reading it I was convinced that proactive, exercise-based treatment is the best way to go. Dr. Strauss is very knowledgeable about scoliosis and has a very well-thought-out plan for treating it.”
– Mrs. K., mother of Erica K., age 11, New Jersey

This center offers an alternative way of treatment to reduce and treat scoliosis. Very impressed with the professional support from the staff and Dr. Strauss.”
– Naveera A., New Jersey

I found Dr. Strauss on Google after I read about General MacArthur. Dr. Strauss’s method is non invasive and uses custom tailored exercise.”
– Yoseph W., New York

treatment testimonial for scoliosis in adults

“Contact Dr Strauss–he will be able to tell how severe your scoliosis is & what you can do to avoid bracing/surgery.” 
– Tristyn M., Pennsylvania

“My daughter wore a Boston brace for a couple of years and her curve still progressed. The CLEAR treatment seems to be working for her and we are so happy and thankful we found Dr. Strauss.”– Mrs B., mother of Gianna B., age 11, New York

“We heard about Strauss Scoliosis Correction from friends and on the internet. We chose Strauss Scoliosis Correction to avoid surgery. We can see progress. I think a lot more people should know about your center.”
– Boris D., father of Milana D., age 16, New York

“I chose Strauss Scoliosis Correction for the unique therapy offered and the proximity to my home. You have to at least try Dr Strauss’s method. Everyone deserves an alternative solution.”
– Dom D., age 24, New York

“I was searching the internet for a non-invasive holistic treatment for my scoliosis. The program of care has started improving my scoliosis already.”
– Genevieve D., New York

adult scoliosis patient treatment testimonial e1453742849627

“I was referred to Strauss Scoliosis Correction by Dr. Malba. Excellent office, pleasant staff, relaxed environment. It was a pleasure to be here”.
– Diane B., New Jersey

For more, visit our testimonials page.

Helpful NYC Scoliosis Facts and  Resources

New York Scoliosis Facts

Scoliosis is one of the most prevalent disorders of the spine. It affects around 2-3% of the United States population, leading to approximately 600,000 doctor visits a year and 38,000 surgeries.

While there is no data specifically about the New York area, based on its population size, we would expect there to be the following in the New York Metro area.

  • 500,000 people with scoliosis
  • 37,000 doctor visits per year as a result of scoliosis
  • 2,500 scoliosis surgeries.

There are approximately 37,000 scoliosis related doctor visits and 2,500 scoliosis surgeries per year in the New York City Area.

Scoliosis screenings are mandatory in the New York Metro area

There are 21 states that legally requires schools to screen children for scoliosis curvature. All four states in the New York City area (NY, NJ, CT & PA) require children to be screened.

School scoliosis screenings
School scoliosis screenings are mandatory throughout the New York Metro Area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania). Source: Scoliosis Journal

In New York, if a child is suspected of having scoliosis, the school will notify the family and they will be referred to their family physician. For full New York State guidelines, see here.

NY Scoliosis Support Groups and Forums

Curvy Girls Scoliosis Support Groups in NY
Curvy Girls is a well known support group for those with scoliosis and have local chapters through the New York area.

  • Curvy Girls Scoliosis – New York 

Other scoliosis support groups in NY
These other support groups are also worth checking out.

While not physically based in New York, these web-based forums are an excellent place to learn more about scoliosis and seek support

We are scoliosis experts and welcome you to contact us with any questions about treatments or resources in the New York area.