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At the Hudson Valley Scoliosis Correction Center, Dr. Andrew Strauss helps patients from all over the world improve their scoliosis naturally, avoiding painful, invasive, and risky surgery. Using non-invasive, exercise-based treatment, based on the CLEAR scoliosis treatment methodology, Dr. Strauss consistently gets better results than traditional surgeries and braces. It’s amazing what happens when true expertise meets deep compassion.




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Real People, Real Results *

Dr Strauss is very gentle with all his patients. The care is excellent. My son is always relaxed and comfortable at the office. He no longer has to wear a brace all day and he is much less restricted than when he wore his brace.

- John B., father of Owen B., age 8
Severe Scoliosis - 34° curve. My 7-year-old was told to start bracing and that she would possibly have to start having operations adding titanium rods to her back every 6 months. Wonderful results. My daughter's curve shrunk to 10° . Her orthopedic surgeon couldn't believe it.

- Louise M., Mother of Vanessa, age 7
The care here is excellent. The special scoliosis treatment was helping my daughter Emily a lot. The curves on the spine became much smaller. We like the people at the office and the treatment. Everybody is working hard to help the children. Come and see, and experience the improvement of your scoliosis.

- Peter S., father of Emily S., age 14
The two 17 degree curves are now 9 degrees
Constant burning pain in my lower back from scoliosis improved dramatically after first 2-3 treatments. I’m a different person! Dr. Strauss is a very caring and empathetic person.

-Esther Margaretta
One word. Awesome. For the first time after many visits and different methods, I have found a doctor that has explained to me why and how my pain has developed and what can be done to fix the problem. I am convinced that whatever your ailment is, Dr. Strauss’s healing hands will give you great satisfaction.

- Gail Fransis

My daughter was diagnosed with 26 degree scoliosis. We went for treatment for 3 months, and the Dr. told us the curve had decreases to 16 degrees. We thank God for giving us this beautiful result and appreciate Dr. Strauss and all his team for their great efforts, hard work, and passion for the work they do.

- Murtaza Ozdemir
38 degree curve is now 26 degrees
I am pleased with my care. Dr. Strauss is really professional and employs the best chiropractic techniques for problem areas.

- Miriam
The care is very good. Without it, I don't think I could move. I feel much better. The staff here makes you feel at home.

- Ilana Kellman
I find that I am able to move more freely. I'm very pleased with the results and every visit is a building block to my road to recovery.

- Jimmy Little
Excellent! By far the best chiropractic care I have ever received. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Strauss. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by putting yourself under his expert & caring treatment.

-Rabbi Ben-Tzion Saloff
I would describe my care here as miraculous.

On the road to recovery. Really amazing! My back and neck only bother me occasionally as opposed to all the time.

-Shaul Wiederman
The 52 and 39 degree curves are now 32 and 30 degrees.
To date, the muscles still tighten up with hard physical exertion but have not knotted up. This allows me to keep on working and get things done, such as work around the house.

- John Bartolomy
The best! It made me feel good, made me feel well, full of energy. One of the best doctors in care!

- Jose Garcia
I felt much better at the end of my first week of intensive treatment! It is now 10 months since I started treatment and I definitely have less overall pain in the lower back, less back spasms, less pain down my right leg, and I stand straighter.

- Valerie Rosato
This patient was initially diagnosed with a 22 degree curve by an orthopedist and prescribed a hard brace. The curve increased by 50% during bracing. The patient then discontinued bracing in favor of CLEAR exercise-based treatment and the curved decreased by almost 60%.
Because of the treatment I feel better to work and to follow all my routines. The care is excellent and I am satisfied with my health now.

-Leticia Guzman
Very happy and comfortable with Dr. Strauss. He is a great healer.

-Madeline Lacosa
After Dr. Strauss listened and then examined, he diagnosed, adjusted, and voila! Pain-free since. It works!

-Reuven Pollock
These pictures show a reversed lumbar lordosis corrected. Many scoliosis patients will present initially with a loss of the normal spinal contours.
Dr. Strauss is very helpful. When I leave here, I feel great. He's a great doctor. I highly recommend going to Dr. Strauss.

-Deles Burenidge
You will be in good hands! He has put me back to a healthier way of caring for myself. Thank you!

-Coleen Biello
Coming to Dr. Strauss has made me feel so much better. His treatment has been wonderful. I would recommend anyone to give Dr. Strauss a try. You won't regret it.

-Marjorie Emma
In these pictures pelvic rotation associated with a short leg has been improved. The right short leg in the left picture has been improved from 18mm to just 7mm.
Dr. Strauss has been very thorough in treating me. My condition is much improved. I recommend him highly.

-Ronald Lesica
Dr. Strauss is meticulous in his methods, keeps immaculate records, and uses state of the art equipment.

-Rabbi Kantor
In two months I have been like new! Life starts again and I am a happy man!

-Walter Bialo
Adolescent female with a primary thoracic scoliosis. By performing patient-specific neuro muscular re-education exercises the curve is significantly reduced.
Dr. Strauss accurately identified and effectively treated my pains. I feel confident that he has greatly helped in my recovery and I am proud to call Dr. Strauss not only my doctor, buy also my friend. Highly recommended!

- Sue I Koo
Before I started coming to this office, I was always in pain. I had seen other chiropractors but I never received adequate care and results. Since I've been treated by Dr. Strauss my health and life has dramatically improved.

- S.Holmes
Excellent. The best Chiropractic Dr. I ever had. If you're thinking about going to Dr. Strauss, GO!!! You'll feel much better.

-Liz Walter
These pictures illustrate the effect of treatment protocols on a primary thoracic curve. Note the strong reduction during care. A significant percentage of this change will become stable after 90 days of performing the exercise program.
I came here frustrated and hopeless. I was in a lot of pain and no one could help me. I came here and felt very comfortable in professional hands. When I'm done here, I feel a lot better and I enjoy my life more!

-Sara Felberbaum

Getting adjusted/getting straightened out by the machines/Napping on the machines & it makes my back feel good after :-)
What would I say to someone thinking about this treatment? Do it!

-S.K., age 17

For the past 6 months I have been treated by Dr. Strauss and all my pain is gone. I can sleep a full rested night, I can lay on my right side which I couldn't do before the longest time, and I can even lie on my back which I had not been able to do since I was a teenager. I am happier and more active.

-Marjolene Charlotin
Even after surgical stabilization, the curve can still be reduced with our protocols. Here is a post surgical case who presented with severe low back pain and a 15 degree scoliosis remaining after spine surgery. The right hand X-ray reveals a 50% correction AND the patient left our office with no pain. This was achieved during a one week intensive program of care.
Excellent and compassionate to all patients--race, color, or creed. He is the best and knowledgeable in his practice!

-Harry Friedman

Since following the program designed for me, I have improved flexibility and strength and my general health is better.

-Phillip Turner
Here is an X-ray of a 50 year old female. The picture on the right illustrates in-treatment changes. This woman presented with strong low back pain and dysfunction. Her pain was alleviated and the curve was reduced from 41 to 32 degrees in the thoracic spine and from 26 degrees to 19 degrees in the lumbar spine.
As part of the treatment program a Scoliosis Traction Chair is used to determine the maximum correction possible in the case. This provide the patient as well as the practitioner with a basis to set reasonable expectations for program outcomes.
Here is a 7 year old male. We see before X-ray with a 27 degree primary thoracic scoliosis. The middle picture illustrates the use of the cantilever system of body weighting. The right hand X-ray shows the results of his program of exercise-based care... a 30% reduction in the scoliosis.
The exercise program re-orients the patient to gravity by using body weights and whole body vibration. The postural mechanisms are effectively reprogrammed. The picture on the right shows the effect on a large primary thoracic scoliosis. No bracing is used!
These pictures show a typical cervical curve restoration. It is very important to restore the normal spinal contours as part of the scoliosis correction program.
*Please be aware that individual results may vary.

Hudson Valley Scoliosis's treatment methods are designed to get the best possible results, period. The happy accident? The best results come from treating patients as people and not just cases. Dr. Strauss and his staff will help you design a unique, personal treatment plan for you or your loved one that will reduce spinal curvature while preserving the patient’s overall health and dignity. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Strauss. At Hudson Valley Scoliosis Correction Center, we always put our patients first.


Meet Our Patients*

Mother Refuses "Wait & See" Approach to Scoliosis Treatment

Real Expertise in Compassionate Treatment

Dr. Strauss has worked closely with the CLEAR Institute for more than 10 years and has received their highest level of certification, providing to his patients the most effective, natural, and non-invasive corrective treatment available.

Lifelong Solutions for Our Valued Patients

Patients of The Hudson Valley Scoliosis Correction Center are active participants in their own treatment. With Dr. Strauss alongside them, patients receive the corrective treatments necessary to straighten the painful curvatures in their spines, while learning the steps they can take to retain the benefits of the CLEAR treatments for the rest of their lives.

*Please be aware that individual results may vary