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Meet Dr. Strauss - A True Scoliosis Expert


35 years of scoliosis treatment experience with over 10,000 patients

Vice President of the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute and member of its treatment development committee

Trained in the world’s leading natural scoliosis techniques, including Schroth, yoga for scoliosis, Chinese medicine, and more

Dr. Strauss has literally written the book on non-surgical scoliosis treatment. 

Through his 5-star rated book, he has helped people from around the world understand their options and find the right scoliosis treatment. 


What Our Patients Are Saying

“Everyone should try this before considering surgery.”

“I chose HVS because of all the great successful reviews I read. I am very satisfied with the care and treatment my daughter is receiving. Dr. Strauss is a very kind and caring doctor and has a wonderful staff. I would tell anyone considering doing surgery please come and do treatments with Dr. Strauss.”

– Mother of Melina (age 14), New York

“I’ve had a 98% reduction in pain!”

“I had severe mid/lower back pain, as well as in the hip, shoulder and leg. Enough pain to stop me from getting a sound sleep and from doing daily activities. 

I’ve had a dramatic 30% improvement in the curvature and alignment of my spine, a 98% reduction of pain and 100% restoration of movement. 100% improvement of my general health!!! Dr. Strauss’s knowledge of the various effective techniques has restored my health.”

– Morris, Pennsylvania 

“As a medical doctor, I refused to watch and wait.”

“I am an MD, and was the first to notice that my daughter had a scoliosis. I took her to many ortho-spine specialist doctors, and all did nothing. They just told us to wait and observe.

I found this center on the internet and researched about it and finally made an appointment. 

I am 100% satisfied with Dr. Strauss and his team, and the customized approach of treatment for each different type of scoliosis. I really thank Dr. Strauss and all his team. 

Please do not go for surgery, what ever type of curve you have, it can be brought down by Dr. Strauss. Just try to visit Dr. Strauss and get it corrected. Surgery is not at all needed unless the curvature is making problems for the internal organs.”

– Father of Sara (age 14), Saudi Arabia

“Our orthopedist was amazed by the results!”

“My daughter was diagnosed with 26 degree, which then progressed to 31 degrees after just one year. The orthopedist recommended her to wear a brace. However, it was very difficult for her to wear it. It hurt her a lot. 

We started looking for alternative treatments and found out about Dr. Strauss and Hudson Valley Scoliosis. We did treatment for about 3 months with Doctor Strauss and then went back to the Orthopedist to check the results. He took an X-ray, and told us that the curve had decreased from 31 degrees to 16 degrees!”

– Father of Mucella (age 10), New Jersey

Watch why a mother refuses the “wait and see” approach to scoliosis.

“We stumbled upon you and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us as a family. It’s been fantastic coming here and the results we’ve been getting are remarkable. We couldn’t be happier.”

– Mother of Julie (age 13), New York

Watch how 30 years of scoliosis pain was relieved within 1 week. 

“Within one week, you helped me more than the fifteen other doctors, physiatrists, chiropractors – everyone I saw – did in twenty, thirty years.”

– Wendy (adult patient), New York

Watch how a patient dropped a brace in favor of exercise treatment. 

“We did not want surgery. Definitely try this before anything else. My upper curve got reduced significantly and so did my lower curve. This had a really positive result for me.”

– Jane (age 14), New Jersey

How The Treatment Works

Hudson Valley Scoliosis treats patients with a customized neuromuscular re-education program that includes treatment on various machines combined with exercises. 

Stage 1: Physical Assessment

We begin by conducting a comprehensive, 30-point physical assessment to gather information about the function of the entire spine. 

Ongoing assessments are conducted at regular intervals to monitor progress and refine the treatment plan.

Stage 2: Spine Warm-Up

Before any chiropractic adjustments, the patient should warm up their spine using the following techniques.

Wobble Chair 
The chair sits upon a ball-and-socket joint and flexes in every direction to put the spine through a full range of motion

This technique is used actively by the patient to achieve gentle, repetitive spinal traction, scientifically proven to relax the ligaments and soft tissues of the spine. 

Eckard Flexion Table 
A special motorized table with belts that pulls the scoliotic curves out of the spine, and re-structures the ligaments after they have been relaxed.

Stage 3: Adjusting the Spine

Adjusting instruments enhance the effectiveness of treatment while also reducing the amount of force required to correct the spine. 

All adjustments are guided by the information obtained from the patient’s assessments. 

Follow up examinations are used to confirm the correction of the curve. 

Stage 4: Lock-in Spinal Corrections

After the adjustment is completed, the spine is “set” in its corrected position. 

This involves spinal weighting protocols and neuromuscular re-education. 

A custom designed scoliosis exercise and stretching program is also conducted at home twice daily.

The Results

Posture change after one week of intensive scoliosis therapy at Hudson Valley Scoliosis.

This 13-year-old Hudson Valley Scoliosis Patient reduced their curve from 30 degrees to 10 degrees — a 66% reduction in curve.


Posture transformation of adult patient after 10 months of treatment.

*Please be aware that individual results may vary

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