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Scoliosis Treatments

Orthopedic Conflict of Interest

Is There a Conflict of Interest? Do orthopedists fail to suggest early-intervention or alternative scoliosis treatments because of a conflict of interest? Why do orthopedists discourage alternative scoliosis treatments even if patients show improvement from them? The medical approach to scoliosis treatment is to watch and wait, brace and then operate. During the “wait and … Read more

Can Orthotics Help Treat Scoliosis?

Can Custom Foot Orthotics or “Scoliosis Insoles” Reverse Scoliosis? “Orthotics”, “foot orthoses”, “orthotic devices” or “biomechanical orthotic devices” are prescribed, custom-made devices that alter the motion and change the pressure on the weight-bearing surface of your foot. They allow for normal motion but limit abnormal motion. They can be prescribed to help correct problems such … Read more

Isometric Scoliosis Exercises & Stretches

**WARNING** These videos are intended to be a supplemental resource for patients who have already been assessed and received assigned exercises to perform at Strauss Scoliosis Correction. Each patient is prescribed an individualized program of exercises depending on a patient’s specific scoliosis curve type and size, degree of spinal flexibility, patient balance and coordination, and … Read more

The Schroth Method For Scoliosis: Can It Help?

The Schroth Method Scoliosis Treatment The New York Times published an article (May 14, 2014) about the Schroth Method of scoliosis treatment that has the internet buzzing. This exercised-based treatment method,  popular in Europe, has many people asking: What is the Schroth Method? The Schroth Method, is one of a group of non-invasive treatments for idiopathic scoliosis. It … Read more

The Khan Kinetic Treatment For Scoliosis: Can It Help?

Khan Kinetic Treatment: Is this an effective treatment for scoliosis? Khan Kinetic Treatment Device (KKT-M 1) Also know as a Manipulator Device, according to the US Patent office, this device  “is equivalent to a similar pressure applying device – The Atlas Orthogonal Percussion Instrument”. These types of devices are  used to adjust a vertebral subluxation (dysfunctional … Read more