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The Khan Kinetic Treatment For Scoliosis: Can It Help?

Khan Kinetic Treatment:

Is this an effective treatment for scoliosis?

Atlas Vertabre
Atlas Vertabre

Khan Kinetic Treatment Device (KKT-M 1)

Also know as a Manipulator Device, according to the US Patent office, this device  “is equivalent to a similar pressure applying device – The Atlas Orthogonal Percussion Instrument”. These types of devices are  used to adjust a vertebral subluxation (dysfunctional spinal segment) of the atlas vertebra, the top vertebra in the cervical spine (upper spine). The developer of the the KKT device purports that it applies “significantly smaller forces than those applied with manual manipulation of the upper cervical spine”. Compared with similar devices, they argue “significant advancement and improvement in positioning application and repeatability”.

khan kinetic treatment device vs atlas orthogonal percussive instrument
Khan Kinetic Treatment Device compared to the Atlas Orthogonal Percussive Instrument

KKT for scoliosis treatment The device was invented by Dr. A.H. Khan, a Canadian Chiropractor.

KKT Scoliosis Treatment Claims, As Made By Dr Khan.

“KKT has successfully treated many patients having pain from Scoliosis. Since our technology helps in restoring the curvature, which is the underlying problem of Scoliosis, our treatment can lead to immediate decrease in neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain. Even pain radiating to the arms. This is done by moving the Atlas bone and the rest of the vertebrae closer to its original position.”

Efficacy of KKT

The KKT treatment device is supported by very low level studies from the University of Calgary. These studies as well as others have linked KKT use with decreased use of pain medication. However, they were funded by the company manufacturing the device,  and only used questionnaires to assess participants self-reported results, without controlling for placebo effect. So far there is no objective evidence (peer reviewed or even case series studies)  that KKT has any therapeutic effect. Scoliosis treatment using KKT has not been addressed by any of the research. There is no claim or proof of the efficacy of KKT as a method of  “stand alone” scoliosis treatment.

Editor’s Note:
Dr. Strauss uses upper cervical specific chiropractic (utilizing the same theoretical approach as in KKT) as one aspect of a multifaceted approach to a comprehensive scoliosis treatment program that centers around home-based exercise and neuromuscular re-education. Manipulation of the upper cervical spine is used in his care program to reduce neurological pressure on the spinal cord which is purported to influence the development of scoliosis by its influence on the spinal cerebellar tracts of the cord.

Dr. Strauss is a past president of the Upper Cervical Society and has studied this form of specific chiropractic in great detail.

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