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Intensive Scoliosis Program

A Scoliosis Treatment Program That Works For You

scoliosis treatment program

We treat school age kids and college age patients from all over the US and all over the world with our Intensive Scoliosis Treatment programs. These 1-2 week physical therapy for scoliosis programs allow patients to experience the same rapid curve reduction as our local patients–but over a much shorter period! Sometimes schedule constraints prevent even our more local patients from coming for weekly appointments. For this reason they too may choose the Intensive Treatment Program. Since the treatment is only 5-10 days, it interferes as little as possible with patient’s schedule making it a great choice for patients in Rockland County, the Lower Hudson Valley, the Tri-State area, the US and all over the world!

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Try to Schedule During School Holidays, Vacation or Time off

booking intensive scoliosis treatmentUnlike other facilities, Strauss Scoliosis Correction offers the Intensive Treatment program all year round (as long as we are open!).

If you’d like to schedule your Intensive during winter break or summer vacation, or any other time, contact our office for a calendar of available dates: [email protected]

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Don’t Put off Treatment – Adolescent Curves are at Higher Risk for Progression

adolescent scoliosis high risk of progression

If you are considering treatment for you child, it is important to start as soon as possible. Most scoliosis progression occurs during puberty and once a curve reaches 25 degrees, the chance of progression increases dramatically

If it’s not possible to schedule your Intensive during a school holiday or vacation, it can be difficult to miss a few days of school, let alone a week or two, but the benefits of the Intensive Program outweigh a few days missed from school. Think about it… many kids miss school for illness or injury… in the case of treating scoliosis missing school is planned, and results in a very positive conclusion… avoiding a complex surgery!

It’s important to understand that the scoliosis needs to be watched carefully during this time and that means scheduling care when necessary.

If you do need to miss any school or work, let us know and we will give you a note. Some parents even request Family Medical Leave from their employers. Let us know if you have any forms you need completed by our office.

Keep up with School During your Intensive

scoliosis rehab keep up with assignments

If you will miss school for you Intensive, request school work and assignments from your teacher or professor to complete before or during your treatment.

Patients are encouraged to read, listen to music or watch videos while they are receiving some of their treatment therapies. You can do tasks such as reading a book, listening to a lecture or studying for an exam all while on the machines or during your spinal weighting protocols. We’ve even administered a college test (with the professor’s permission) so a patient wouldn’t miss it.

Intensive treatment morning sessions end before 1:00 PM each day, some days are only morning sessions, some days you have off and afternoon sessions typically end by 4:30 pm each evening. This leaves adequate time for schoolwork and rest. Some patients really benefit from and appreciate the downtime.

Split up your Intensive

scoliosis treatment during summer vacation

Intensive schedules aren’t set in stone. If you are recommended a Two-week Intensive, you can split up the time into two One-Week blocks of time.

Some patients who live a bit closer choose to spread their One-week intensive scoliosis rehab 1 to 2 week treatmentIntensive over a two-week period or their Two-Week Intensive over a month. You will still receive the same number of treatment sessions and you will of course receive the full care program, AND fit into your busy schedule. Maybe you are only free Mondays and Wednesday–we will divide your treatment up into as many Mondays and Wednesdays needed to complete your program.

If you are considering Intensive Treatment, have questions, or would like an information packet, contact our office!

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