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Scoliosis Braces For Adults: Are They Effective?

best scoliosis braces for adults

In the past, scoliosis braces were reserved for immature, adolescent spines. More than 8.3% of all adults over the age of 25 have scoliosis*, for adults over age 60, the rate of scoliosis has been shown to be 68%**. For many adults, scoliosis can cause discomfort ranging from mild stiffness and aching all the way to severe disabling pain.  For many adults their greatest concern is the way their twisting spine affects posture and general appearance. Only in the last few years, modern innovations in materials and design have resulted in effective and therapeutic scoliosis braces for adults. This was recently validated by scientific research as of 2016.

*Carter et al, DOI:10.1093/ije/16.4.537  **Schwab, F, et al, DOI:10.1097/   Palazzo et al, Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2017;98(1):187–90.

What are the Benefits of Adult Scoliosis Braces?

Adult patients typically only need to wear scoliosis braces part-time to get results including:

  • Curve Management – Slow or stop progression of curves and in many cases actually reduce the size of the curve.
  • Pain Control – Reduce or eliminate pain
  • Posture Improvement – Improve appearance and posture
  • A better life – Enhance overall quality of life

What Adult Scoliosis Brace Options are there?

There are two options available for adult scoliosis bracing including a custom design option as well as an off-the-shelf version.

Custom 3D Adult Scoliosis Bracing

scoliosis braces for adults

Custom Designed

Designed for each unique patient using LASER body scans, X-rays and digital posture photos. They are custom designed and custom fit for each patient to ensure a tailored treatment approach.


Can be used for adult scoliosis that began as adolescent scoliosis, or for adult-onset or degenerative scoliosis (De Novo Scoliosis).

Easy to Wear

Open and close at the front making it easy to put on and remove without assistance. Most adult scoliosis brace designs are low profile and nearly invisible under clothing. Typically an adult will wear this brace only 4-6 hours per day.

Other Benefits

This brace will effectively reduce pain, improve posture, slow or stop progression of the scoliosis… and may actually reduce the size of the curve.


adult scoliosis brace e1548972522883

Off-the-shelf Adult Scoliosis Bracing


Off-the-shelf scoliosis braces can be half the price of custom versions making them a more economical option.


These braces have an adjustable unloader design that improves posture, promotes a natural center of gravity, enhances mobility and overall quality of life for adult scoliosis patients.

Other Benefits

Designed to restore a more natural posture and reduce body leaning which can improve breathing and lead to an increase in ability to perform daily activities. This brace will reduce strain on your spine to reduce pain.

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