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Chloe Sevigny’s Scoliosis Story

Chloe Sevigny – Actress

chloe sevigny scoliosis
celebrities with scoliosis chloe sevigny

Chloe Sevigny is an American film actress, fashion designer and former model, from Darien, Connecticut. In the 90’s Sevigny frequented New York City and gained attention for her unique style. She was labeled the new “it girl” of the New York fashion scene. Many consider Sevigny a fashion icon and she has modeled for several high-end fashion labels as well as designed her own fashion line.

Though Sevigny is most known for her hugely successful Independent film career, in 2010 she won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her lead role in the HBO television series Big Love.

Sevigny on her scoliosis:

“It was never treated. I can’t remember why. I feel like we went to a specialist upstate, and they said, well, you can get a brace, but it was very expensive. And I think for some reason, it never happened, and they gave me all these certain exercises.

They said, you know, that the curvature wasn’t strong enough to have to have the operation, which I know a few girls that have a metal rod in their back. But to me, now, it’s like – I still – every time I see myself on film, I see it. That’s all I see. And I – and even in photographs, I’m just – to me, it’s like ….I’d come home and cry and be, like, I’m so crooked. It’s my one thing that, yeah, that I still have a hard time with.

But I’ve been doing a lot of yoga, which has been helping. It makes me feel like it’s straightened me out a little bit, but yeah, on “Big Love,” I see it all the time, especially with those outfits, because they’re so form-fitting. I see myself walking, and I’m like…eek”


Sevigny on her fashion line, Chloe Sevigny for Open Ceremony.

Editor’s Note:

We like to share “Celebrities with Scoliosis” stories because many of our patients are young and have just discovered they have scoliosis. They are scared, unsure what it is, and they are very concerned about how it may affect their futures. It is very interesting to find out that many famous people have scoliosis and have gone on to achieve tremendous accomplishments. What’s even more fascinating are the various treatment methods; the experiences and the continued care that they discuss. Each story is different from the next as each scoliosis is different.