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How I Relieved Severe Back Pain & Headaches

Relieved Severe Back Pain

A testimonial from an adult scoliosis patient with acute lower back pain after CLEAR scoliosis treatment method. This patient was suffering from back pain for 40 years. She went to many different physical therapists, chiropractors and doctors to no avail. The pain worsened and began to spread to her shoulder. Since using the CLEAR Method of scoliosis treatment, she has experienced a substantial decrease in headache frequency and relieved severe back pain. She has also experienced a 10° reduction in curve.

A 14-Year Struggle with Chronic Back Pain

For fourteen years, chronic back pain cast a shadow over our patient’s life, leading her to explore various avenues of relief. Visits to numerous physical therapists, chiropractors, and doctors yielded no coherent solutions. Instead, the pain intensified, creating a daily struggle with posture and discomfort. The turning point arrived one Sunday evening in June when the pain became unbearable, prompting a search for alternative solutions on the web.

The Limitations of Traditional Approaches

Conventional treatments had been pursued throughout the years, but the lack of a comprehensive approach left her disheartened. The pain extended beyond the back, reaching up to the shoulder blade and impacting daily posture. Traditional chiropractors and therapists failed to provide a clear path to recovery, perpetuating a cycle of frustration and despair.

Discovering a Niche Approach

In the quest for relief, a specialized chiropractor focusing exclusively on scoliosis treatment emerged as a potential solution. Intrigued by the prospect of tailored care, the decision was made to explore this unique approach. The hope was that Dr. Strauss’s specialization would offer a deeper understanding of the condition compared to practitioners with a more general focus.

A Positive Experience: The Impact of Specialized Care

Upon entering the clinic, a palpable sense of hope enveloped our patient. The supportive and caring environment, fostered by the helpful staff, laid the foundation for a positive experience. Dr. Strauss’s expertise in scoliosis treatment became evident, raising expectations for potential relief.

Remarkable Progress: Dedication Yields Results

Consistent dedication to prescribed exercises and chiropractic sessions marked a turning point in her journey. Dr. Strauss’s exercise regimen, integrated seamlessly into an existing commitment to regular exercise, became a manageable and beneficial addition to the routine.

The Joy of Healing: Headaches Diminish, Relieved Severe Back Pain

Success manifested as headaches, once a constant companion, nearly disappeared. The persistent back pain shifted focus, retreating to the lower back. This remarkable transformation brought joy and gratitude, illustrating the positive impact of both prescribed exercises and Dr. Strauss’s chiropractic interventions.

Scientific Progress: Visual Evidence in X-Rays

Tangible proof of progress emerged in a recent x-ray. A 10-degree reduction in the curvature above the waist, compared to the initial x-ray, showcased the effectiveness of the specialized approach. The visual evidence was nothing short of extraordinary, with the patient attributing the positive changes to Dr. Strauss as her “magic chiropractor.”

Gratitude and Anticipation: Healing as a Pleasurable Journey

Expressions of gratitude became a routine filled with joy. Each visit to Dr. Strauss’s clinic was not merely a medical appointment but a source of anticipation. The welcoming atmosphere, created by both the staff and the chiropractor, turned each visit into a positive and hopeful experience.

A Message of Hope: Possibilities for Improvement

Reflecting on the journey, the significance of hope becomes apparent. Discouragement often accompanies years of pain, yet this story stands as a testament to the possibility of improvement. The key lies in finding the right practitioner and committing to the joint effort of prescribed exercises and chiropractic care. Dr. Strauss emerges as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that improvement is not just possible but attainable.

Specialized Care’s Transformative Power

In conclusion, this journey from chronic back pain to relief emphasizes the transformative power of specialized care. Dr. Strauss’s expertise in scoliosis treatment, coupled with a personalized exercise routine, facilitated a transformation that was once deemed impossible. For those grappling with similar challenges, the message is clear – there is hope for improvement. Seek out the right specialist, adhere to the prescribed plan, and embrace the prospect of a pain-free future. This experience underscores the transformative potential of specialized care, and gratitude is extended to Dr. Strauss for being the “magic chiropractor” who made it all possible.

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Dr. Strauss is the director of the Hudson Valley Scoliosis Correction Center in New York. He has been actively engaged in scoliosis treatment for the past 30 years and has authored two books on the subject, Your Child Has Scoliosis and The Truth About Adult Scoliosis

He is Vice President of the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute and a lecturer for their introductory and advanced workshops.  He is certified in scoliosis bracing and in the use of  scoliosis specific exercises.  Dr. Strauss is a graduate of the ISICO World Masters of Scoliosis.His postgraduate studies also include a Masters Degree in Acupuncture as well as training in Grostic, Pettibon, CBP, Clinical Nutrition, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Manipulation under Anesthesia, and Electrodiagnosis.

His scoliosis practice has treated patients from 25 states and 32 other foreign countries.

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