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Telehealth – Digital Healthcare

telehealth for scoliosis treatment

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is any health related service that allows you to receive treatment through telecommunications without physically going to your doctor’s office. This includes video chatting with your doctor, sending pictures or diagnostic results online, or using apps to monitor your ongoing care.

What is Telemedicine vs Telehealth?

Telehealth is different from telemedicine by its scope. Telemedicine is used for clinical services, such as diagnostics and monitoring, while telehealth includes preventative, promotive, or corrective care.

The origins of telemedicine come from a simpler time then one might think. Back when doctors would make house calls the concept started to creep up after a few too many unnecessary trips. Articles from as far back as the 1800s mention the idea of using the telephone to call patients to reduce unnecessary trips to the doctors. Rural settings, lack of transportation, physical disability, decreased funding, and lack of staff all created a need for telemedicine.

Why use Telehealth?

The greatest push for telemedicine has been the current global crisis and the ability of telehealth to help control the spread of COVID-19.  This has allowed patients to stay home, avoid contact with other people and still receive necessary care. The clinical application is seen with patients calling or video chatting their primary care doctors who are then able to prescribe care based on self-reported symptoms and avoiding a visit to the office that would potentially put other people and staff at risk.

Outside of the clinical application, there is a need for telehealth to monitor patient’s progress and ongoing care in other healthcare fields. Though chiropractic care is deemed essential business, many patients still cannot visit their doctors because they may be part of the “at-risk population” or they simply are too afraid to risk exposure. 

How can Telehealth help with your Scoliosis Treatment?

telehealth for scoliosis

Our office has begun using telehealth to provide services to patients who cannot make appointments. Some of those services are:

  1. Exercise review – Receive your initial scoliosis exercise training one-on-one or review your scoliosis exercises to make sure you are performing them correctly and get pointers where necessary.
  2. Scoliroll review – Step-by-step instruction on how to properly use the scoliroll based on your specific curve or review of your existing protocols and answers to any questions.
  3. ASC review – Learn the proper steps and positioning of Active Self-Correction with the doctor and receive video for continued home use. Or continuing learning the next phase of the ASC program.
  4. Cord Stretching – Instruction on a key exercise for those whose scoliosis may benefit.
  5. Posture evaluation – Have you posture checked to see if any changes need to be made to your program.
  6. Apparatus review – Have your spinal weighting setup checked to ensure the appropriate correction is still being achieved. Receive advice on modifications when necessary.
  7. Brace check – Discuss your current brace wear and use with the doctor; any issue or questions you may have, helpful tips and guidelines for most beneficial and productive continued use.
  8. General sessions – Address any issues with pain, brace fit, clarification of home program. Just want to check in with the doctor? Maybe you have questions or concerns and just want a check-up. Schedule a time to discuss your ongoing care.

To schedule your telehealth session or learn more, contact our office!

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