Efficacy of Scoliosis Care Program

Digital Motion X-ray as a Method of Proving Efficacy of Scoliosis Care Program

A few weeks ago a patient asked, “Dr. Strauss, how do you know that the scoliosis therapy machines, scoliosis exercises, and spinal adjustments are actually doing what you think they are doing?”  This struck me!  Not only is it an excellent question, but also… no one has ever asked it before–leave it to kids to ask the important questions!

There are many ways to answer this of course but one very simple and salient answer is:

We can SEE it working. With the aid of DMX or Digital Motion X-ray we can actually watch as the instruments, exercises, therapies used in our office function AS THEY ARE ACTUALLY BEING USED!

What is Digital Motion X-ray?

Digital motion X-ray (DMX) is a video-based fluoroscopy system. Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that uses X-rays to create real-time moving images of the internal structures of the body with the use of a fluoroscope. DMX couples static X-ray with digital and optic technology, to view the spine and extremity articulations in real-time motion.  At 30 exposures per second, DMX creates an X-ray movie of the body while in motion. It is performed with the patient standing and actively moving in a weight bearing position within the system.

DMX allows doctors to evaluate all 22 major ligaments of the cervical spine with up to 2,700 X-ray images. The DMX is used to detect ligament damage that traditional X-ray and MRI miss. DMX is also used to show ligament instability, soft tissue injuries and joint dysfunction. Because of this we can actually see the damaged joints and treatment can be modified to be more productive.

By subjecting all the therapies, exercises, and spinal manipulations to scrutiny under Digital Motion X-ray,we are able to demonstrate their effects on the scoliosis.

In these videos above you are watching Dr. Strauss receive cervical spine manipulation with an Arthrostim instrument. The mouth is opened to allow better viewing of the upper cervical spine.

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