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Rebecca Romijn’s Scoliosis Story

Rebecca Romijn / Actress / Model

rebecca romijn scoliosis

It hard to believe that the beautiful, confident actress and former fashion model Rebecca Romijn once felt insecure about her scoliosis. Known for her role as Mystique in the X-Men films, and for her recurring role on the television series Ugly Betty experienced some.

rebecca rominjn scoliosis

“Everyone knows what it feels like to feel different from everyone else. When I was thirteen I was diagnosed with scoliosis and I shot up like six inches over the next four or five years and my body was just in so much pain and nobody told me that exercise would have helped that…. in fact that was why I became a theater geek, because I stayed away from sports all together, cause I was so self-conscious and in so much physical pain from my body …”

Individuals with scoliosis will sometimes avoid physical activity because they can feel reluctant due to pain or fear that it may make pain worse.

“… I remember laying in bed, being like, ‘This hurts so bad!’ And I had really bad scoliosis. My bones just couldn’t keep up with the muscle. My posture was terrible. I felt really awkward all the time. None of my clothes fit right.”

Scoliosis can also be emotionally challenging for many people (especially teenagers) due to the physical symptoms and signs and their outward appearance.


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