Famous People with Scoliosis

Celebrities with Scoliosis

Approximately 4 out of every 100 people have some form of scoliosis. The most common form of scoliosis is idiopathic scoliosis, which occurs in approximately 2% the population. So it’s not surprising to learn that there are many famous people with scoliosis.

We tend to place celebrities on pedestals and at times it can be easy to forget they are people just like us with flaws and personal hurdles to overcome. Here is a list of famous people, celebrities, stars, actors, athletes and even some historical figures with scoliosis. Some names are actually links to articles specifically about the celebrity’s scoliosis. These articles can be interesting, informative and inspirational for individuals with scoliosis who may have had similar experiences. Many of these stars with scoliosis have achieved greatness despite having scoliosis and the challenging symptoms of scoliosis. There are stories about the complications of surgery, the torture of bracing, memories of adolescent insecurities and the benefits of exercise.

Famous People with Scoliosis

1.     Alexandra Marinescu – Romanian Olympic Gymnast
2.     Ashley Argota – Actress & Musician
3.     Ayesha Jones – Model
4.     Brooke Lyons – Actress
5.     Carmen Lynch – Comedian
6.     Chanelle Johnson – Australian dancer
7.     Chloe Sevigny – Actress
8.     Catherine Oxenburg – Actress/Model
9.     Daryl Hannah – Actress
10.   Dudley Hart – Golf Player
11.   Elettra Wiedemann – Daughter of Isabella Rosselini
12.   Elizabeth Taylor – Actress
13.   General Douglas MacArthur
14.   Giacomo Leopardi – Italian poet
15.   Gillian McKeith – Food Guru
16.   Isabella Rossellini – Actress
17.  James Blake – Tennis Pro
18.  Janet Evans – Olympic Swimmer
19.  Jeanette Lee – Professional Pool Player
21.  Jeffrey Tate – Musician
22.  Jenny Thompson – Swimmer
23.  Jessica Andrews – Country Singer
24.  Jillian Weise – Actress
25.  Jo Beth Williams – Actress
26.  John Lydon / Johnny Rotten – Lead singer, Sex Pistols
27.  Jon Olson – Olympic Swimmer
28.  Julia Burgoyne – Miss America Contestant
29.  Katherine Southard – Miss North Carolina
30.  Katie Webb Pro – Professional Golfer
31.  Kristin Kreuk – Actress
32.  Kurt Cobain – Lead singer of Nirvana
33.  Laura Dern – Actress
34.  Linda Blair – Actress
35.  Lisa Howard – Actress
36.  Liza Minnelli – Actress
37.  Lourdes Ciccone Ritchie – Madonna’s daughter
38.  Maritza Correia – Olympic Swimmer
39.  Melanie Blatt – Singer – All Saints
40.  Princess Eugenie – Grandaughter to the Queen (UK)
41.  Rebecca Romijn – Actress/Model
42.  Renee Russo – Actress
43.  Rita Simons – British Actress
44.  Robert Loudermilk – Tennessee Football Player
45.  Rowena Wallace – Australian Actress
46.  Sarah Michelle Gellar – Actress
47.  Sarah Polley – Actress
48.  Shailene Woodley – Actress
49.  Shoshana Pavett – Opera Singer
50.  Stacy Lewis – Golfer
51.  Tutankahman – Egyptian Pharaoh
52.  Usain Bolt – Olympic runner
53.  Yo-Yo Ma – Cellist
54.  Vanessa Williams – Actress/ Singer
55.  Zsa Zsa Padilla – Filipino Actress/ Singer


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