Destination-Worthy Treatment

At Hudson Valley Scoliosis Correction Center, we pride ourselves on offering “Destination-Worthy Treatment.” That means that we provide treatment of a high-enough quality to make it worthwhile for our patients who travel thousands of miles, some at great cost. While many of our patients are from the Hudson Valley region, others have traveled to our clinic from across the country and all over the world. Our number one priority is to offer personalized, highly-effective treatment for each of those patients. That’s what makes our clinic a worthy destination for each and every person with scoliosis.


Aside from providing worthwhile treatment, we also want to make it easy for our patients who travel to do so at the greatest convenience and the most reasonable cost. That’s why we have established discounted rates with local hotels to make your stay as comfortable and cost-effective as possible. The Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton Inn are both a 30 second walk from our facility (see map below). They are owned by the same corporation and offer discount rates (depending on availability). When booking your reservation, mention you are receiving treatment at Hudson Valley Scoliosis and they will be happy to assist you in your stay. Click Here for other hotels in the area.


No matter whether you’re from the other side of town or the other side of the world, Hudson Valley Scoliosis Correction Center will provide you with the best treatment at the most reasonable rates. For information about accommodations and special discounted rates, please call us today. We’ll help you find the right accommodations for your needs to make your visit as easy and comfortable as possible.




  • Metro-North Runs East of Hudson. Use TZx to connect to Metro-North Stations in Westchester which go to Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.
  • NJ Transit Runs West of Hudson. Trains to Secaucus Junction, Hoboken, and NY Penn Station stop at various locations in Rockland, including Suffern and Sloatsburg on the Main/Bergen-Port Jervis line and Spring Valley, Nanuet, and Pearl River on the Pascack Valley Line. PATH Commuter service between Hoboken and Manhattan.
  • AMTRAK Service from New York Penn Station to various destinations around the country including Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.


Words from our Patients

  • I chose HVS because of all the great successful reviews I read. I am very satisfied with the care and treatment my daughter is receiving. Dr. Strauss is a very kind and caring doctor and has a wonderful staff.

    I would tell anyone considering doing surgery please come and do treatments with Dr. Strauss.

    - Mrs M., mother of Melina, age 14

  • I was searching on the internet for scoliosis treatments and I found your center. HVS homepage was very impressive. I read the homepage, watched the videos, and decided to come here for treatment. In Europe there weren't scoliosis treatments like CLEAR, and we wanted to try this method. We would like to do anything to improve our daughter's scoliosis to avoid surgery and wearing a brace for years.

    We didn't regret it! Laura's back got better. It improved a lot. It was good to be here, and to return for a 1 week follow up treatment. And the results are really impressive for Laura (for us).

    We are satisfied with the program. Dr Strauss told us the proper information, and everybody in the staff was very kind and helpful. Thank you all for your help in everything.

    I suggest this kind of treatment to everyone who has scoliosis. The treatment is not painful, and the exercises are not complicated, but effective. I would recommend to come here, and try this treatment before surgery. It's worth it. Surgery would be the last thing to do, when nothing helps. Conservative therapies can help to avoid surgery. I believe in this. To do these exercises are not a big effort, but with them you can have a big gain.

    - Mrs. G., mother of Laura, age 15, Hungary

  • I found the office through the CLEAR Scoliosis treatment locator. After viewing the website / testimonials I was confident I would find relief here.

    Dr. Strauss & staff were wonderful! I feel like I will be able to care for my scoliosis moving forward. I feel like the program made a big difference for me. I have a better understanding of my curve and how to manage it.

    A huge thank you for the excellent service that I received from the entire staff!

    Never let surgery or bracing be your only option. The body is so amazing and with a little time, effort and guidance you can have great results!

    - Meghan, M., Pennsylvania

  • I chose Hudson valley Scoliosis because of all the good experiences that I heard about and we had a friend that came to you and that's how I found out about the treatment.

    I liked it. Everyone was very nice and extremely professional and knowledgeable.

    I am very satisfied. I noticed a change almost immediately.

    Make bracing or surgery a last resort.

    - Matthew R., Georgia

  • I was referred to Dr. Strauss by my chiropractor. I like the kind and caring treatment by the entire staff. I was vert comfortable with the level of experience and kindness of Dr. Strauss. It was important to me that he was affiliated with a research institute such as the CLEAR Method.

    I was extremely satisfied with the program of care at Hudson Valley Scoliosis Center. It is extremely (and impressively) organized. I can stand straighter and taller than before and I feel great! It has been a positive experience for me!

    I would tell someone who is considering bracing or surgery to consider Dr. Strauss and Hudson Valley Scoliosis first. It is worth it to get evaluated. I felt Dr. Strauss was honest and realistic about the progress and reduction of curvature I could receive. I trust his judgement to make referrals for further treatment if he felt it was necessary.

    Be proactive and do this for yourself!

    - Kathleen D.

  • What I like about your center is that you use therapies that do not cause pain.

    I'm very satisfied.

    Before you try bracing or surgery, please try the exercises here first.

    - Valentina G., age 17, Kosovo

  • We found Dr. Strauss online. We decided to come to Hudson Valley Scoliosis because we wanted to find the best possible solution without surgery. Dr. Strauss's method targets the specifics of every individual's scoliosis. It is efficient and consistent and the staff was friendly and welcoming.

    - Angelina L., mother of Sofia, age 12, Texas

  • The program here was closest to what I wanted. The center is organized and competent. Reasonable price for the services. would recommend you to anyone.

    - Paula Z., Massachusetts

  • Comprehensive, non-surgical spine care center that gives patients many options on treating many different health concerns.

    Very satisfied: very professional and friendly staff, nice facilities and equipment, and treatment is well supervised and developed. Made my back feel a lot better.

    Loved my time here!

    I can't say enough about Dr. Strauss: how knowledgeable and kind of a human being he is. The staff here is awesome: supportive, caring and very professional. Thanks!!

    Please exhaust every available resource before undergoing surgery. Many of these treatments are life changing and will make your quality of life so much better.

    - Alfredo M., Panama

  • We wanted the best for our daughter. The diagnosis we got in Toronto was nothing compared to the individualized and personalized, precise assessment of Dr. Strauss. His careful and expert solutions have already made a big difference in only 3 days. 

    Dr. Strauss and his staff are very accommodating--not only to the patient but to the family as well. His equipment and the materials we received are very helpful and purposeful for the wellness of our daughter. 

    The whole team of Dr. Strauss has made a big difference to our daughter's life and to the whole family. We have been given hope and measurable results on our daughter's scoliosis without using the brace; improving her lifestyle with exercises specifically designed for her.

    Get seen by Dr. Strauss. He is definitely the expert and will not miss a detail that is critical to the success of your treatment. Bracing is not always the solution--it is very uncomfortable and it can affect your self-esteem; surgery is not always the solution, side effects can occur and can be lifetime. Trust me, I work in healthcare as a nurse. The Health Care System, depending where and what you have, will most likely rule out the most critical cases; but if your case is not a life or death situation they leave you alone. With Dr Strauss, you're not alone. He will get to the root of the problem and recommend only the best.

    - Mr & Mrs E., father and mother of Shekinah E., age 11, Ontario

  • We chose Hudson Valley Scoliosis Correction Center for the CLEAR therapy. We heard great things about Dr. Strauss and had to give it a try. We were impressed with the hands-on care received. We are beyond satisfied.

    We are very pleased with the care and knowledge Dr. Strauss provided. We recommend this CLEAR therapy to anyone looking to improve their scoliosis. We believe in the CLEAR method in addition to bracing. The best of both worlds. Surgery is not an option when we considered CLEAR--why put my child through that when other alternatives exist? This was a great option for us.

    - Karin L., mother of Megan L., age 13, Virginia

  • We chose Hudson Valley Scoliosis for scoliosis treatment because of a great referral from a friend. I liked how nice everybody is, and helpful whenever I come. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the treatment I have received.  

    I would tell anyone to come to Hudson Valley Scoliosis for scoliosis treatment because it will make you feel so much better as it did for me. 

    - Lydia H., age 15

    The possibility of non-surgical treatment of scoliosis. We liked absolutely everything! We are very satisfied with the treatment. We had great results! 

    Every medical case is different. I would tell anyone to evaluate alternative treatment such as CLEAR. I highly recommend Hudson Valley Scoliosis to every scoliosis patient. Come and see Dr. Strauss and you will have great results!

    - Mrs H., mother of Lydia H.

  • We wanted to avoid surgery to avoid complications of post-surgery. We liked the high quality equipment, the friendly atmosphere and almost everything.

    We're completely satisfied. The program was well organised.

    We would never recommend surgery unless it is too severe. We would recommend CLEAR treatment with a certified chiropractor like Dr Strauss.

    - Biju K., Father of Bella B., age 14, Kuwait

  • Hudson Valley is the only center that I believe can give my child the best treatment. I like everything about the center. The staff, the hospitality, the care, the concern shown to the patient and the family is overwhelming. This place is a great place. Very satisfied.

    Come to Hudson Valley first. Get the best information you can ever dream of about your child. The best view and perception. With God on his thrown the child will be well and feel complete like any other child of his/her age.

    - Mrs O., mother of Taiwo O., age 13, Malawi

  • What I liked most about Hudson Valley Scoliosis was the website—and speaking with Dr. Strauss on the phone ASAP made a big difference! 

    I am very satisfied with the program of care and treatment we received.

    If someone were considering bracing or surgery, I would tell them “Don’t do it! Go to Dr. Strauss”. Traditional orthopedists aren't correctly informed and will steer you incorrectly! Dr. Strauss is a miracle worker and will reduce your curve without bracing or surgery!

    - Wendy H., mother of Abigail H., age 14 and Hannah H., age 15

  • We researched alternative scoliosis treatment to avoid surgery and found very positive things said about the center. We also had our trusted home chiropractor look into the center and he was thoroughly impressed by Dr Strauss.

    We were satisfied by the care that was given to our son. The faculty was professional and kind. Shay's scoliosis degree was significantly lowered and therefore we were very happy.

    Surgery could completely change your life. Exhaust every option before going that route. That included Hudson Valley Scoliosis. We found success with their facilities and we would absolutely recommend it.

    - Kathryn O., sister of Shay O., age 15, Ohio

  • We are very, very satisfied with the care and the treatment we received. We booked in for a 2 week intensive course and were 100% happy at all times. My daughter was seen by specialists in London and was told her curve could not be reduced, but Dr Strauss showed us it could. He reduced our daughter’s curve by 33%. My family and I would recommend to anyone thinking about bracing or surgery, “Don’t”. Please phone, or somehow get in touch with, Hudson Valley Scoliosis Correction Center and save yourself or your child from surgery. Please do not miss this opportunity, it will be the best decision you have ever made. I promise.

    - Mr I., father of Eliz I., age 9, England

  • My daughter is at the age of 14 years young and we’re from South Africa. My daughter was diagnosed with the lumbar Scoliosis of 67 degrees. We chose Dr. A. Strauss ‘cause of the feedback from other patients and the therapy is only available here. We traveled a long way to New York, Nanuet, like 24 hours....for her treatment at this remarkable spine clinic of Dr. Andrew Strauss.

    We got more than what we expected. With the marvelous assistance at his clinic we felt very warm and were treated very well...they are the best!

    With just one week of therapy, my daughter already felt the difference within herself. I truly believe that Dr. Strauss is confident in his work and has a unique way of performing therapy. I would recommend anyone anytime to make it your duty to visit Dr. Strauss first before you make any decisions of surgery.

    This is from my HEART!! Please contact Dr. Strauss first prior to making any decisions of surgery. He can help you a great deal. Please make it your duty to visit his institute first. He’s a good man and my blessings go to him and all his warm-hearted staff, they are GREAT!

    I pray for one and all at this clinic for a good happy cherished life Aameen.

    Keep it up--God Bless!

    - Irfaan B., father of Husna B., age 14, South Africa

  • Dr Strauss's & Heather’s quick response to our emails/calls, upfront about the cost/time requirements. Great staff, Alex was fantastic, Dr Strauss was able to answer any question, felt very confident in his abilities. Well-managed with Dawn & Heather. Very nice! Staff always makes sure I was doing everything for proper time and set up so I felt like they genuinely cared about my success.

    Boston brace is uncomfortable & ineffective, surgery may be overdoing it if you have resources to try this program. Contact Dr Strauss--he will be able to tell how severe your scoliosis is & what you can do to avoid bracing/surgery.

    - Tristyn M., Pennsylvania

  • I found Hudson Valley Scoliosis on the internet. I thought the feedback was positive and helpful. Impressed that I got to speak with Dr. Strauss before coming and my emails with questions were answered promptly and with care. 

    Very satisfied, very efficient, professional and friendly. All the staff takes time and effort to make sure everything is running correctly and smoothly. Dr. Strauss explains everything and always has time for you. Felt really comfortable, and had fun too while having the treatments. Great crowd, great team, great clinic! 

    I’ll miss the treatment and the people. 

    I would tell someone considering bracing or surgery, not to have any of these, as they should try the “CLEAR” program first.

    - Ursula H., Germany

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