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Scoliosis and Running

Jogging and running are fine for most people with scoliosis. The National Institute of Arthritis states: “Although exercise programs have not been shown to affect the natural history of scoliosis, exercise is encouraged in patients with scoliosis to minimize any

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Best Exercises for Scoliosis Patients

Scoliosis exercise can be a very effective part of a more comprehensive treatment plan for scoliosis. It’s the type of scoliosis exercise that is key! Exercise for scoliosis can be divided into two groups. Isometric and Isotonic. Isometric scoliosis exercise

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Yoga for Scoliosis – Moves to Avoid

After taking all the necessary precautions into consideration (see previous articles) and getting approval and recommendations from the practitioner treating your scoliosis, if you have scoliosis and would like to establish a scoliosis yoga program, here are some poses to

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Scoliosis Awareness Month Giveaway- WINNERS!

Yoga for Scoliosis DVD Giveaway! First Place: Carrie Kady! Second Place: Pricilla! Winners will be emailed June is National Scoliosis Awareness Month, and to help bring awareness we are running a month long giveaway from Friday May 30 until Friday June

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Yoga for Scoliosis – Can Yoga Make Scoliosis Worse?

Many patients have inquired about the benefits and risks of adding yoga to a scoliosis treatment program. The short answer is that the benefits outweigh the risks… as long as some cautions are observed (please see corresponding article for yoga

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