Adult Scoliosis Exercise Treatment with CLEAR

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3 comments on “Adult Scoliosis Exercise Treatment with CLEAR
  1. Kay Handford says:

    I was diagnosed at 5 yrs old and have felt desperate for any kind of help. My Dr. Recommended I wear built up shoes to relieve my shorter length on my left leg side. Later my parents decided I no longer needed builtI- up shoes. I never had a problem apart from abdominal migraines at the age of 9. Then I developed a jagged fracture in my mid thoracic vertebrae, which had resulted in excruciating pain at the age of 15, I could no longer walk the 4 miles to my Mother’s house I am type 1 diabetic from 13. Now I’m 56 have 2 boys 37 and 33yrs old, been happily married 37yrs, but just want to die from the pain. I have 2 collapsed vertebrae & 1 bilateral fractures & 3 crush Fractures in lumber spine….HELP

    • Typical juvenile scoliosis is not a painful condition. I suspect you may have other underlying metabolic causes for the spinal fractures and subsequent pain.

  2. Michiko Ohata says:

    I was pleased to find out that there is a non surgical treatment for correcting scoliosis I have a 46 year old daughter who suffers with an “S” shape spinal deformity. looking forward to learn more about your manner of treatment.

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