Back Pain Q & A

What causes back pain?

Back pain can be a common complaint when patients visit a chiropractor. However, constant back pain is not normal and you don’t have to let the pain rule your life. Most of the time back pain can be the result of muscle strains, ligament or tendon damage, spinal disc injury, subluxation of a vertebrae, or a combination of these. These types of pain occur through accident, injury, wear and tear, or they can be from an underlying condition. The result is inflammation or nerve pain which can sometimes be debilitating enough to restrict movement and interfere with your favorite activities.

What is the cause of lower back pain?

When a lower back is in pain, it is usually caused from damage to the muscles and ligaments of the back. Sometimes, a herniated disc can be the cause of the pain. When a disc is herniated, it puts pressure on spinal nerve roots, causing pain in the lower back or legs.

How does chiropractic help alleviate back pain?

Chiropractors are trained in the anatomy of the back and spine. Treatment begins with an examine to determine the best treatment for your symptoms. If there are muscle spasms or stiffness is present, muscle stimulation might be used to soften the tissues, and promote healing. For joint pain relief, the application of a gentle spinal adjustments are done to return the joint to a more normal function, which allows for the pain and inflammation to subside. Cases involving the lower back with a herniated disc often require spinal decompression. Dr. Strauss uses the latest in conservative technology to bring the body back into total wellness. Each patient is different so each approach to relieving their symptoms and getting them back to a healthy lifestyle will be on an individual basis.

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