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How Do I Know if I Have Scoliosis?

How Do You Know if You Have Scoliosis? In many states school screening for scoliosis is mandatory once a year for all students, but the effectiveness of this approach is still to be determined as many cases of scoliosis remain

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Scoliosis and High-Heeled Shoes

Should I Avoid Wearing High Heels if I have Scoliosis? High heeled shoes have maintained their popularity for centuries but are the visual benefits of wearing high heels worth the biomechanical detriment? What are the negative effects of wearing heels

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Treatment of Scoliosis a History

tHe BiZaRrE wOrLd oF sCoLiOsIs Historical Treatment of Scoliosis The existence of scoliosis probably predates the existence of man. There is a long history of it’s presentation from King Tutankhamun to Hippocrates. Because of this there is a vast and fascinating history

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Crooked Back

tHe BiZaRrE wOrLd oF sCoLiOsIs Animals with Scoliosis Just like people, animal can exhibit scoliosis–even house pets. The images below show regular house cats that just happen to have scoliosis. In fact, the image on the right is from a pet rescue website and

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What Causes Scoliosis?

Approximately 4% of of the population is affected by scoliosis. In most cases the cause of scoliosis is unknown and is therefore referred to as Idiopathic Scoliosis. More than 85% of people with scoliosis have idiopathic scoliosis, the majority of

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